Friday, August 15, 2014



  1. it's a group project between the two at least, Fr. Egi obviously contributing to all her posts re the GIRM. In their blog sometimes the author takes on a definite male tone and there is a lack of temper control in subsequent replies. definitely the hot latino blood at work there!

    At another level, one can guess that the female of the group has used the collaboration project as a means to reach some kind of intimacy with Fr. Egi. It can only be a labor of love.

    I question too why all the subterfuge if the NCW calls you to be a witness for Christ? Especially Fr. Egi, why hide behind a skirt?

To help out the person below who called me a "FUCKER" thinking that the above comment from Catholics United was about his cousin (it wasn't), we've cropped his cousin from the post, since she's irrelevant anyway. Here's the real Diana.

The previous (cropped) picture was removed at Jennifer Dulla's request. Let it be known that I had to threaten to call the FBI before Diana removed not only my daughter's picture, but the pictures of many other people's children that were in the same picture as my daughter. My daughter and these other children had nothing to do with this controversy. Jennifer Dulla is a public person due to her regular U Matuna submissions and she is one of the people, whether she likes it or not, who is at the center of this controversy, and essentially has no standing to object to her picture being used on this blog. The picture previously posted was sent to me and I did not know its origin until I received an email from Ms. Dulla. However, to show that at least one side of this controversy still has some integrity, I am granting Ms. Dulla's request to remove the previous picture and am replacing it with an official Umatuna file foto of Fr. Edivaldo, better known now as Diana

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