Friday, August 15, 2014


  1. Tim,
    I "used" to walk in the way. I did for a while but found it to really be a club of young adults who used it as a social gathering and opportunities to travel all over the world. It was quite sad actually. They appeared to be lost youth and many of them appeared to have inappropriate closeness with the seminarians who later would become priests. It made me and my wife both very uncomfortable. Many are not happy with the Neo movement simply because of the unknown and the way certain practices are carried out. Too bad for us we never got a true feeling for whether it was right for us as we were instead subjected to this bizarre social gathering of young adults especially the single girls and their obsession with the seminarians. Probably all just school girl crushes but honestly I can't stand listening and reading to these people knowing that they appear to be there simply for the social interaction and not truly trying to gain the Holy Spirit in their lives. Who knows what could have been for my family but I am happy we are done walking and won't ever be looking back.

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