Thursday, August 28, 2014


You won't believe your ears....but then maybe you will, by now. Later.


  1. Tim, you keep killing me with all this teasing!!!


    Glabose: Uncle, the saintly one, SanVitores is causing much trouble, and the Woman! the Woman whom we cannot slight has also noticed us and has impede all our efforts for greater disorder in the House of our enemy!

    UncleScrewtape: Glabose, you and Wormwood, I promise will suffer greatly for your failure, do not permit the holy ones to expel our plans, gather the wolves in black and make them attest all that is false until they believe, believe in the Father of LIES!

    1. Pretty Screwtape rendition. Maybe you can do the whole story that way.

    2. Been following the Screwtape "extended story" here for a few months. Genius!

  3. More suspense!!! Tim is such a tease....

    1. No. Just haven't had time to post it yet. It's tragic.

    2. It's going to put the blog over a million.

    3. This blog is going to hit that MILLION mark in no time — from just after midnight until 10 PM, 28 August, there have been close to 12,000 views! The blog is currently about 22,000 page views away from that milestone so that even with "regular" posts, that million mark is just a a couple of days away.

      It's incredible that, while it took 12 months to reach 500,000, it will take just little over a month from that milestone to add the next 500,000!

      People are hungry for the Truth … and JungleWatch delivers! Thank you, Tim!

  4. Oh yes one million very soon. Stories to be revealed will be of greater shock to the catholic community on Guam. Keep opening these pages to learn about Bishop Patrick Ziemann.

  5. Every day thousands of people in the world are reading about our famous archbishop. They are just waiting for the next breaking story in the life of Tony Apuron. Nothing Tim can post can shock the readers for Tony Apuron has already hit an all time low. is is possible for him to fall any further. Stay tuned to the Jungle for the time of breaking news is never known,

    1. Yes. And I hardly ever have to say anything about the Archbishop because he says it so much better all in his own. Though he does keep me busy presenting actual facts to counter his "stories". I can't even call them lies anymore because I think he actually believes them!

  6. After listening to the recording of the clergy meeting with Archbishop Krebs (, it became apparent to me that AAA is EITHER incapable of paraphrasing correctly; incapable of recalling or abstracting information revealed in a spoken conversation, incapable of distinguishing between fact and fiction/opinion, OR intentionally and cunningly, by means of his authority, distorting actual truths to persuade and lure the ignorant faithful into trusting that what he, the Archbishop, says and does, IS truth and in obedience to Holy Mother Church.

  7. Anonymous 11:11, you give him too much credit, Apuron is a LIAR!

  8. I personally don't know the man. I don't know if all this erratic behavior has been noticeable for many years or if it is only in recent years. Does anyone know if Apuron had a difficult time in school? Did he have an accident that could cause traumatic brain injury?

    Although health matters are confidential these kinds of things could possibly help to explain for us to understand Apuron's behavior. Could he be someone demonstrating what suffering from having one or more mental health disorders acts like? I don't like to think of anyone just being a liar. I always think there has to be a cause behind every effect. I propose this because he seems to believe his actions are justified.

    If this were true he needs compassion and help. Also if it were true all the ranting and raving by people who are grossly disappointed and disgusted in him, could be like teasing a kid who acts "different" at school from the rest of us. We all know none of us ever wants that to happen to our children.

    I am not a mental health professional. I just know what is happening is very sad for everyone involved in the church and even those compassionate souls who are observing from outside.

    As damaging as this continues to be to individual priests, parishioners, staff, lay people, the over all Catholic church and even to the island of Guam and it's global attention. Can anyone see any way to be strength based to help move this forward in spite of so many on going negative occurrences? Just asking!

    1. I have been uncomfortable calling him a liar, thinking that there is something mentally wrong. But when I read the letters he has sent to Msgr. James and Fr. Paul, I see someone who very lucid and vicious. Of course, we don't know if he writes those. Something is very wrong.

    2. Thank You Tim. I think being uncomfortable calling Apuron a liar definitely shows a sign of you being caring and concerned. Rather than being someone who is just out to destroy another human being and organization.

      What little I do know about mental health disorders is that people have what is called a chemical imbalance in the brain. Much like a sugar imbalance in diabetes. Both require medicine or alternative measures. An extremely balanced diet, exercise, counseling, coaching, support etc.

      Sadly people with mental illness whose brain chemistry is not balanced often justify "unusual" behavior because they believe in what they are doing is right.

      More often than not, they are extremely, kind, caring, sensitive people. But when a chemical imbalance occurs they change behavior to negative actions.

      In children there is often a lack friends, or they will be drawn to other children with less than desirable behaviors. This can follow them into adult life and continued intermittent displays inappropriate behavior.

      It also can start in teen years or when an adult with or with out something traumatic happens. As I said I am not a professional, health matters are confidential. I have no idea if an assessment is needed.

      I agree with you, I believe you are correct in saying "something is very wrong". You are doing the only thing you know, how which is to to bring attention to it. On the other hand, I think I am like many others, I do not know what to do and therefore appreciate your efforts.

    3. No. APURON is a LIAR!
      Bending the truth to suit you is lying. Twisting the facts to support your argument is lying.

      I refuse to be so kind. Don't make health isssue excuses for him. Diabetes and heart ailments do not make the patients liars.

      Do you know of any medicine that can make one a liar, as well? Is he taking an "IAMANIDIOTICLIAR" pill that is "making" him act in diabolical ways?

      I know MANY diabetics and heart patients and NONE of them act anywhere close to as disgustingly as Apuron does.

      Some Neo doctor might get the bright idea of defending Apuron's idiocy in the papers with some medical blah blah lie!

      Don't try to explain Apuron's psyche or the reasons for his deliberate evil ways.

      We just need to rid ourselves of Apuron and the Neo leadership!

    4. Archbishop does not compose homilies or write letters. Let this be known. Just ask those THOSE who have done so for him. Just signs Most Rev. Anthony Sablan Apuron, OFM Cap. DEE DEE.


  9. 10.00am. Please understand that His Excellency is suffering from a mental breakdown which is the cause of the disturbing behavior past weeks. Although, we are all hurt by his actions, because of his mental state, we must now exercise the greatest compassion and understanding to a man who is clearly not well.

  10. 10:00am. I am sorry if I did not communicate clearly that a chemical imbalance IN THE BRAIN can adversely affect behavior and communication.

    You are absolutely correct in stating how people with other illness who have chemical imbalance do not lie. That is because it is not in the BRAIN and does not affect their THINKING and BEHAVIOR.

    Addressing your thoughts regarding "Bending the truth to suit you is lying. Twisting the facts to support your argument is lying."

    and "I refuse to be so kind. Don't make health isssue excuses for him. Diabetes and heart ailments do not make the patients liars."

    I am not making excuses for his behavior. I simply stated that erratic behavior including lying CAN be caused by a chemical imbalance as has been shown about numerous mental health disorders.

    Sadly mental health disorders are invisible so we only witness the negative effects. I am not a mental health professional as I have said. But doesn't his behavior seems totally outrageous for a man of the cloth to you.

    I would rather give him the benefit of the doubt than to condemn him not really knowing the true cause of his actions. Just thinking of treating others out I would want to be treated myself.

    I do not know how to go about him getting an assessment under the current circumstances and because of confidentiality guidelines we may never know.

    You can be sure I do not like what is happening. But I do not like to condemn someone either when I really do not know all cause.

    It in fact maybe Kiko brain washing. Either way the man needs help. Leadership is unstable.

  11. Like Tim, I have been baffled by the "disturbing behavior" of the Archbishop.
    The questions highlighted previously are not new, and in themselves could be explained by stress or some kind of imbalance.
    Unfortunately, this would be gliding over the issues in a shallow way.

    If these issues and incidents were only spread over the "last few weeks", we could perhaps make that argument. The problem is that this is not the case. The more we dig, the more witnesses come forward, the more we uncover, the more the veil is being lifted, the more we find that indeed our dear Archbishop rather than being a man of God who lost his way, has been scheming, plotting, lying and covering up for years, and that these problems have become worse with the facilitations and abetting by an active cadre of the NCW.

    The Manichean political and financial moves that our Archbishop has executed with a cold bloodedness rarely seen, is not the fruit of a lost soul suffering a mental breakdown, but rather the pathology of a calculating, and dare I say, Evil nature.
    Of this I am more and more convinced everyday.

    A couple of months back I made a heartfelt request from our Archbishop, for him to reinstate the ranks of the broader Catholic Community, and embark in a path of reconciliation and healing.
    I am afraid, that my request, and my prayers, have fallen on deaf ears. Like hundreds and thousands of Catholics on this island, I have hoped and prayed that our Bishop would see the light of the Holy Spirit. Instead he prefers to spread a blanket of dark shadows over the island.

    To me this is not stress or chemical imbalance, it is cold calculating and dark behavior

  12. Please understand that my emotion is not towards any commenter on this informative forum.

    10:00 here, sadly, Apuron is still a liar.
    And he even wants male teenagers to side with him, by justifying his actions during Mass? Whacko! !!

    So they can go home and fight with their parents to defend Apuron's dishonest and crazy actions. What? He wants to create even more divide, perhaps in the home front of these fine young men?

    If he's chemically imbalanced or psychologically inept, and acting evil because of it, then get out! Stop leading the Church to the great divide that it has found itself through the shepherding of Apuron! Be CERTAIN to take ALL the crooked Neo leadership with you!

    The constant "oops" and slip ups plus the cover ups CANNOT continue.

    I do not condemn Apuron's soul, I comment on his actions. He is still and will be an evil Liar to me and to many others!


  13. Deep psychological issues unfortunately with him.Not a chemical imbalance.