Monday, August 18, 2014


For those who want to send me the dirty details about the sexual escapades of certain priests, do so with your name, address and phone number attached. Such allegations are extremely serious, and you should be ready to take the stand to prove them to be true. Otherwise, don't bother. 


  1. Yes, thank you Tim for pointing out the obvious. I know for a fact that one of those Priests will be held liable for an incident that went unreported, they need to make sure that their closet is clean before they try to expose the skeletons of others.

    1. I let this comment through as an example of what I will not allow in the future. Even an allegation or a suggestion like this one will not be accepted without the person making the comment being willing to identify him or herself and be willing to go to court. So feel free to say who you are.

  2. Tim, thanks for taking the high road on this. I am unaware of any priest who has ever engaged in sexual misconduct. You're right, this is a very, very, serious allegation.