Wednesday, September 3, 2014


No doubt about it. Archbishop Apuron intends to crucify Msgr. James Benavente. His sin? He said NO to Giuseppe Gennarini, Archbishop Apuron's Lord and Master. 

  • It doesn't matter that Misters Joe Rivera, Art Ilagan, and Rick Duenas, all financial professionals, PROVED that Archbishop Apuron misused the January 8 letter of inquiry from Deloitte and Touche, and LIED about Msgr. James. 
  • It doesn't matter that Archbishop Apuron himself personally recognized, in writing, the progress made towards answering that inquiry. 
  • It doesn't matter that Archbishop Apuron himself had allowed, if not perpetuated a perennial mess of cemetery finances before Msgr. James began the work of straightening out decades of mismanagement by Archbishop Apuron himself. 
  • It doesn't matter that Archbishop Apuron is not allowing Msgr. James any opportunity to defend himself or to assist in the resolution of outstanding issues which normal justice requires.
  • It doesn't matter that Archbishop Apuron had placed Msgr. James at the helm of such projects as the renovation of the Cathedral Basilica, the development of the Cathedral Gift Shop, the construction of St. Therese Chapel, the Cathedral Museum, the complete renovation of the dilapidated Catholic cemetery grounds and the construction of new crypts and a mausoleum, the development of the proposed new northern Catholic high school, the construction of the new Blessed John Paul II and Divine Mercy Chapel in Dededo, the acquisition of the Inarajan Garden Resort, to name just a few of the many projects Msgr. James either quietly completed or was in the process of working on. 
  • It doesn't matter that Msgr. James has successfully managed and directed the biggest events, celebrations, and feasts of the Archdiocese for twenty years, simply because the Archbishop could count on one else to do so. 
  • It doesn't matter that Archbishop Apuron simply shows up to get all the credit for the hard and thankless work of Msgr. James.
  • It doesn't matter that Archbishop Apuron abuses our children by taking his little tirade to our schools and violating the Mass in front of them.

And apparently:
  • What doesn't matter is that Archbishop Apuron is NOT going to tell us the truth about the financial situation for the rest of the diocese that is NOT in Msgr. James' control. 
  • What doesn't matter is the lie Archbishop Apuron has been telling the Catholic Extension Society for decades in order to bilk millions out of them for our "poor mission diocese" while he jets about the globe, puts his foreign seminarians up in luxury, and has so many priests he even sends the excess "on mission", while truly poor mission dioceses suffer from the lack of funds that Archbishop Apuron gladly takes.
  • What doesn't matter is the payroll of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary where Fr. John Wadeson has been employed as a "formator" for several years, most of which he was not even here.
  • What doesn't matter is all the "permanent professors" listed at the Blessed Diego Institute who are only here a few days a year or who haven't been to Guam in years. 
  • What doesn't matter is the amount of money Archbishop Apuron pays Fr. Pius Sammut when he is not even incardinated here and does nothing but use Guam as a place to dump his stuff.
  • What doesn't matter is that Archbishop Apuron incardinated a priest with a known sex-offense record, hid that record from the people of this archdiocese, and even vouched for him to the Archbishop of San Francisco.
  • What doesn't matter is that Archbishop Apuron says there is no money to send poor Aaron Quitugua to a REAL seminary and then refuses to sponsor him when Aaron says he will pay for himself. 
  • What doesn't matter is that poor Fr. Richard Kidd had to practically put himself through the seminary by relying on the charity of family and friends for even the basic necessities while Archbishop Apuron's foreign boys don't even do their own laundry. 
  • What doesn't matter is that Fr. Richard Kidd had to spend several years in the seminary without health insurance because he refused to be a "neo-boy" while the "neo-boys" enjoyed health care at our expense. 
  • What doesn't matter is that Fr. Efren Adversario, after separating from military service to care for his ailing mother, was forced to spend many months without health insurance and without the archdiocesan stipend that was his due.
  • What doesn't matter is that during this period Fr. Efren Adversario was rushed to the Makati Medical Center and eventually had to have surgery for an aortic aneurysm, all of which he had to pay for personally because Archbishop Apuron would not cover his medical insurance. 
  • What doesn't matter is that when Fr. Efren Adversario begged Archbishop Apuron for assistance, instead of assisting him as he was required to do (Fr. Efren is incardinated in this diocese), he simply sloughed him off to Deacon Dominic Kim, who in turn sloughed him off altogether, telling Fr. Efren that he cannot be insured because he was "off-island". (Oh really!)
  • What doesn't matter is that when trying to support himself and pay for his own medical expenses, Fr. Efren asked Archbishop Apuron simply to be given "Mass intentions" as a way to support himself, Archbishop Apuron sent him off to beg from the parishes.
  • What doesn't matter is that when Fr. Efren was completely ignored by his bishop, the only Guam priest to come to his assistance was Msgr. James, the priest Archbishop Apuron is currently obsessed with destroying.
  • What doesn't matter is that Archbishop Apuron privately (he thinks) smears Fr. Efren and his friend Fr. Blockley as homosexuals. 
  • What doesn't matter is that Archbishop Apuron privately (he thinks) mocks the young men who are now studying to become Capuchins. 
  • What doesn't matter is that Archbishop Apuron publicly told Pope Benedict to go screw himself and then conspired to lie about it when there was a public backlash.
  • What doesn't matter is that Archbishop Apuron was willing to let my son take the fall for his lie ("Technical difficulties. Yah. Right)
  • What doesn't matter is Archbishop Apuron's continual trashing of a Santa Barbara family simply because they are useful to his fuel his hatred of Fr. Paul. 
  • What doesn't matter is all the "cashee" that goes unaccounted for that Archbishop Apuron receives in envelopes from his "massagee" partner (who also gave him his car).
  • What doesn't matter is all the other "cashee" Archbishop Apuron gets from what is supposed to be a charitable organization (Don't tempt me or I WILL GO THERE!)
  • What doesn't matter is the hundreds of thousands of unaccounted-for dollars collected from the neo-communities, a large portion of which goes to Archbishop Apuron's personal pocket. 
  • And what doesn't matter is that while Archbishop Apuron permits his neo-celebrations of the eucharist to occur in gyms, private homes, parish halls, classrooms and just about any place they can put a square table, he continues to disallow a funeral Mass for deceased veterans to be held in the chapel at the Veterans cemetery.

But what matters is:

- that Msgr. James said NO to the handing over the title of the deca-million dollar property in Yona to the control of one Giuseppe Gennarini, the New Jersey godfather of the Neocatechumenal Way for whom Archbishop Apuron is nothing more than a servile puppet. 

What matters is:

- that Msgr. James' NO to Giuseppe Gennarini's demand embarrassed Archbishop Apuron in the eyes of his Lord and Master. 
What matters is:

- that this past July the New Jersey godfather showed up in Guam and spanked Archbishop Apuron for being such a feckless leader and demanded that he show some episcopal backbone and ordered him to publicly crucify Msgr. James.

And what matters is:

- that Archbishop Apuron is punishing Msgr. James BECAUSE HE CAN'T GET TO ME. 

Yah, go ahead Archbishop. Go ahead and crucify Msgr. James and all the other priests you already have in your crosshairs. The Catholics of Guam have your number, and for the record, Rome does too. You are permanently discredited, and worse, a laughingstock. And NOTHING you can do now will ever change that. What a SHAME, Archbishop. What a stinking, lying, narcissistic shame. 

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