Monday, August 4, 2014


Wow. Thanks. Zoltan. Thanks for the chance. But even more, thank you for showing us what happens to people who buy into the Neocatechumenal Way as you have. Given the horrible things we see your leadership now doing to ordinary people, we now understand more about you. Have you looked for a new job yet?


  1. Wow Zoltan, is this how you also demean your students in class! Do you tell them their minds are in bondage when they don't understand a lesson presented?

    Beware students, he may have students in his class who are Neos and put a code on their paper so as to let him know...not to make remarks about them.

    Do you have prayer services in your office after working hours? Do you counsel students and recruit them to the NEO on government time? So many questions Zoltan. Maybe not many students in your class this coming Fall Semester. UOG students Beware the Werewolf of UOG!

  2. As always Zoltan (the Carpethian slasher) is talking from both side of his mouth.
    What else is new?
    A true wolf in sheep's clothes.
    Always pretending to preach peace and love, but as soon as you scratch the veneer he is hiding under, the true nature of this sad example of kiko's kookoos, appears with his ugly sectarian, misogynist, and racist slant.
    This is why he no longer plays in the jungle.
    The people on this blog know his routine, deceit, and ugly side.
    Probably why he prefers to savage poor little ladies on FB.
    The mark of the " courageous" man he is.

  3. With a name like Zoltan, I'd be a very bitter person too! Lol

  4. LOL. Zoltan actually said in the second paragraph "...well respected Church authorities, in this case our Archbishop..."
    Nice try at comedy Zoltan, but don't give up your day job. On second thought, give up your day job, spare our youth your demented views, and go live in Fantasyland on Saturday night along with kiko and company.
    happy pizza

  5. Zoltan didn't someone on Diana's post tell you at one time to stop it? Didn't that same person tell you that you are making it worse for the NCW? Haven't you learned your lesson?

    Keep your 2 cents on Diana's post. She loves it when you butter up her posts! It puts her on an ego trip and in return you get a pat on the head!

    1. Sit! Stand! Roll over! Good Zoltan! Good doggie! Here's your biscuit!

  6. No! Professor Bullsh*t! Get it right, he is at UOG remember!

    ATTENTION: Dr. Underwood, super bad for your good to great campaign...really! The natural choice would be to remove this guy and the other Neo Infidels!

  7. Zoltan almost as demented as Archbishop. Maybe they can qualify for group discount rates for mental health care!

  8. Oh please zoltan we can see right through your LIES zoltan.