Thursday, September 4, 2014


Over the last couple of days, Archbishop Apuron and his team of bone-digging tyrants have "met" with the Presbyteral Council and the Pastors. The object: to further trash Msgr. James his absence of course. 

So expect another big spread soon in the U Matuna with all sorts of selective information trying to show Msgr. James in the worst possible light. 

And of course don't expect to see any information about the finances of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary - even though that entity sucks more money out us than anything else. 

At least one person at one of the meetings wondered out loud why Msgr. James was not asked to be at the meeting to answer to the charges. And of course, even the word "meeting" is a euphemism. The Archbishop doesn't "meet" with anyone. He hauls people in and reads a prepared list of charges, then he runs to us and tells us that he "consulted" with them. 

There is no doubt that given the chance, and as already demonstrated by a team of financial professionals, Msgr. James could explain most of the issues and answer most of the questions that the Archbishop says he has. But the Archbishop isn't interested in answers. He is only interested in sending Msgr. James to hell. 

Let's say that every charge against Msgr. James is correct and substantiated. 

Then, even so:
  • What father, finding a son to be a problem, first runs to the neighbors? 
  • What father of a wayward child opts to trash his child publicly? 
  • What father even thinks of condemning one of his children to the others? 
  • What father unilaterally punishes a son without allowing the least explanation? 
  • What father does not hold out the least chance for reconciliation but prefers to wreak hell and havoc on his son's life?

Even before disciplining our smallest children, we parents at least ask "Why did you do that?" and give them a chance to explain.

But no, nothing. Not the smallest opportunity for Msgr. James to respond, explain, answer questions, or even see the charges brought against him. Not the slightest chance for justice. Just these kangaroo courts in the press, with the pastors, with the councils, all publicly trying and condemning the accused in the absence of the accused. Even at its worst, not even the Inquisitors did that. 

So why is the Archbishop doing this? Why is he dragging Msgr. James through all this public mud? Why is he hell bent on destroying this man and grinding every last memory of him beneath his inquisitional jackboot?

Because Archbishop Apuron is afraid. Because Archbishop Apuron is fearful. Only fearful men do such things. Only men caught in irreversible lies lash out this insanely. However, in Archbishop Apuron's case, the real reason may be far worse. 

Let's see what he does with all the dead bodies he and his kiko-tyrants are digging up over at the cemetery. Let's see if he tries again to publicly destroy Msgr. James in the U Matuna or any other public way. Let's see if he again drags his soiled laundry into one of our schools and besmirches our children with his filth. Let's just see. 

In fact we hope he does. It is said that Rome only pays attentions to problems in dioceses when the issues are sex and money. But there is another one, an even bigger one: the public trashing of priests by their bishop. 

Conflicts between bishops and priests are common, but they are normally handled internally. Going public with such conflicts as Archbishop Apuron did with Fr. Paul in his press release of July 22, 2013, and with Msgr. James with his press statement of July 31, 2014, is simply something no sane bishop does. 

There's a tip. And Rome just got it. 

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