Wednesday, October 1, 2014


For those who care about the proper priestly formation of our local vocations to the real diocesan priesthood, let us proceed with the following course of action:

1. Those who are charged with the formation of the JP2 seminary, approach the Archbishop and ask him if he will sponsor seminarians who wish to attend the Pacific Regional Seminary of St. Peter Chanel. I said "sponsor" not "pay for"....since he says we don't have any money to send seminarians off island (though we apparently have plenty of money to fly his neos in from all over the world...and then to fly them back all over the world later.)

2. If he says no, then end of story. And let it be a very public "no", and never mind trying to set up the JP2 seminary. His real intention of producing NOTHING other than neo presbyters will be revealed. If he says yes, then let us establish a foundation to fund their education. We know there will be plenty of money because instead of supporting the neo seminary with galas and appeals, we will simply divert the money to this fund. 

Non-neo clergy, it's your move. 

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