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Here is the response from Fr. Emanuel Schembri, O.C.D. to the letter sent by Chuck White regarding the petition to remove Fr. Pius from service in the Archdiocese of Agana.

From: "" <>
Date: Oct 25, 2014 11:46 PM
Subject: Petition re: Fr Pius Sammut
To: <>

Dear petitioners,
I have personally looked into the petitions presented both by those who believe that Fr. Pius Sammut, Discalced Carmelite, has a negative effect in the archdiocese of Agana (Guam) in his leadership role within the Neo-catechumenal Way, and those who cherish his presence and ministry in the archdiocese and elsewhere in the Pacific. The former carry over 300 signatories, and the latter over 1000.
At this point in time, one must remember also that as such the Neo-catechumenal Way and its statutes have been approved by St. John Paul II on May 11, 2008. Thus, as a Way within the Church and of the Church, the bishop is the Pastor responsible for the communities. Father General OCD, with regards Fr. Pius is well aware the he has served the Order for several years as Provincial in Malta, and his involvement as a dedicated Discalced Carmelite has been appreciated by his confreres in Malta throughout the years. It was with the permission of the then General of the Order and his Provincial, that Fr. Pius offered his services abroad.
Our Father Superior General has now passed on to me to reply to the request mailed to him, as Fr. Pius’ direct superior. This petition seems to be presented on the grounds of what one believes is happening (or happened) rather than objective reasoning. I have spoken to Fr. Pius on the matters presented, and keeping in mind that His Grace the Archbishop of Agana is appreciative of his presence and ministry, it results that there is no serious motive to accept the petition regarding his removal from his present ministry in Guam.
And finally, dear petitioners, we wish God’s blessings on you, your families and friends, on one and all. May the gift of reconciliation, with respect and love for one another, reign supreme.

With prayerful wishes,
Fr. Emanuel Schembri, O.C.D.
(Superior Provincial)

My response.

Dear Fr. Schembri,

Your order has just fallen greatly in my estimation, or at least the branch of it of which you are a part. No wonder we have people like Pius floating around, you don't even know that John Paul II DIED in 2005, yet you have him approving the "statutes" (It's Statute, by the way) of the Neocatechumenal Way IN 2008! Apparently you don't even know who the pope was in 2008. What a mess.

And check out this stupid statement:

This petition seems to be presented on the grounds of what one believes is happening (or happened) rather than objective reasoning. 

DUH! "Objective reasoning" is what we were asking YOU to do. The point of the petition was to ask you to consider the problem and OBJECTIVELY examine it. But the extent of your investigation is (AND THIS IS AMAZING): speaking with the Archbishop who is bigger problem, speaking with Pius who IS the problem, and noting that the other side had more signers (which consisted mostly of people's kids). HUH!

Well, Fr. Schembri, we gave you a chance to show some integrity and at least a modicum of intelligence. But you have failed at both. Now you have forced our hand. The explosion of division in this archdiocese can be directly traced to Pius' arrival in this diocese, and we will hold you personally responsible. Keep your eye on the news.

By the way, do yourself a favor and have someone who knows who was pope in 2008 write your letters (or did Adrian write this one too?).

Tim Rohr
(No Title and don't need one.)


  1. As we say here, "a dog won't eat another dog".

    And remember that the so-called "clericalism" (father of the Politically Correctness) will hardly accept more than a few documented and incontrovertible facts. Especially when a petition is sent to the wrong authority (it had to be sent to Schembri, direct superior of Sammut).

    Sorry, Tim, but Schembri will easily dismiss your reply as uselessly arrogant. Like Pilate, superiors and bishops always want an excuse to wash their hands (we once here got a result showing the diocese was wasting some 300,000 bucks to kikoize a church). I bet that Schembri could even take your part, if you offered him a chance to tell Sammut: "sorry, Pius, I couldn't do nothing".

    You only had to write him :

    [1] clearly the problem is related to NCW, not to OCD

    [2] an approved Statute is not a Certificate of Holiness

    [3] please consider again the number of petitioners, way more than total NCW members in Guam

    [4] we asked for your help because the Abp. Apuron did not help us - he describes himself as an NCW member, thus we had no choice other than contacting you

    [5] and yes, we expect "objective reasoning" from you.

    Please, don't erase this blog. Continue to show to English-speakers what the NCW does, what the NCW members say, what you are doing to stop their heresy from spreading.

    1. Thanks, but the original letter was not sent to Schembri. It was sent to P. Saverio Cannistrà O.C.D., General Superior, which is why Schembri says: “Our Father Superior General has now passed on to me to reply…”.

      My reply is only a reply to his reply for the purpose of this blog, and for the purpose you state: “continue to show…etc.”. I have no intention of sending it to him as he has demonstrated that he is not intelligent enough to even engage a coherent reply.

      However, your points are good, so please send your own letter to the Father Superior General:

      P. Saverio Cannistrà O.C.D.
      General Superior
      Casa Generalizia dei Carmelitani Scalzi
      Corso d'Italia, 38
      00198 Roma - ITALIA
      Tel. +39 06 85 44 32 30
      Fax. +39 06 85 44 32 79

    2. To anonymous at 5.07.
      I do understand your frustrations. But you are making assumptions that are not correct.
      There is in fact a long relationship between OCD and NCW. Kiko's money is often used to buy influence, and purchase strong support and/or personnel.
      I hope Tim will be able to post a letter sent back to the OCD with copies to the Nuncio amongst other. This should elucidate many of your points.
      Unfortunately it is depressing and tiring.

  2. "sorry, couldn't do anything".

  3. So Lame! I expect more to be done by Rome because all of this has to stop. We do not give more donations to the Catholic Church you hear me? We hit them where it hurts and request from the Federal government a revocation of their tax exempt status! This kind of reply from Rome and the Carmelite Order is the work of Satan himself! Until we rid this island of the NCW and their cronies like Pius (not his real name), then the work of Satan continues. Let us stop the buck because the buck stops with us. I'm leaving the Catholic Church until Apuron is out and encourage others to leave or with hold their money because if there is no donations, no more flights from Malta to Guam!

    1. Brother in Christ, do not leave the Church because of a man who is seemingly corrupt. He, the catholic church does not make.
      Yes, change the way you make your contributions to the church, but do not let this man stop you from worshiping the Lord,
      nor stop doing what our Lord compels us to do.
      If we stop going to church, then they have won, and more importantly, our adversary the devil has won.
      Let us speak out to all who will listen, but let us also do our homework and not just base our decisions on emotions.
      Tim has done an excellent job of cataloging the justification of our concerns. So let us study them and spread the word!

  4. Clearly no objectivity in the "investigation" and bias in the response is clearly evident and shows the favoritism that has permeated even to Fr. Schembri and his higher ups. No doubt there is a conspiracy going on here.

  5. Thank you for posting Fr. Schembri's response, Tim. I owed the petitioners at least that much.

    To be honest, I was expecting the Discalced Carmelites to ignore us altogether, but instead, I was delighted to receive this excellent response. You can see the original petition by clicking here. I will personally respond to Fr. Schembri too, but I ask your help in crafting the response before I do so. Just post your ideas here. Si Yu'os ma'ase.

  6. Power to the NON-NEOOctober 27, 2014 at 9:52 PM

    Yes. Because 300 Guam names were beat out by those 1K mostly Out-of-Guam Neo supporters?

    Corruption in our Church... no wonder!

    Demons pad a survey with their minions; then officials ignore the point of the problem all together! !!

    Shame on you Neos and Neo Lovers!!!

  7. Tim,

    Fr. Emanuel is really saying, we got rid of him and now he is your problem. The permission for Fr. Pius to go abroad to offer his services is a sly way of saying, thank goodness he is gone and we are happy to give him away. Does Fr. Pius still report to the superior of his order? I highly doubt it since he now reports to Guisuppe. He is incardinated in some parish in Canada. Thus, I think there is nothing the order can do. Fr. Pius is gone and outside their jurisdiction.

    1. Not incardinated in Canada. Religious priests are not incardinated.

    2. The provincial if not the superior can still be held responsible so long as he has O.C.D. after his name. But so many of these orders are in disarray, it appears that Pius' branch of the Carmelites is one of them. No matter. The NCW on Guam is imploding and Pius and Apuron with it.

    3. Pius' direct superior is the Prior of his community if it IS in Canada. That's the problem with pizza pius he's a man without a community...except for his Neo community. Which is his NEO Community? We can easily see the problem of a religious order friar going NEO. Loose cannon. IF he is legitimately assigned by the General, ( doubtful) then his expenses are provided by his Prior. Let him answer for himself. He is backed into a corner. His do re me does not come from his Prior; that's for sure. Your turn Father Pius. Answer for us in the PDN.

    4. Dear Anon at 12.19, on the principle I would agree with you, except for the fact that Pius is still very much breathing and living as a Carmelite, albeit a peculiar one, but a Carmelite none the less.
      As Tim had noted previously some Catholic Orders houses are in shamble.
      It appears that it is the case for this branch of Carmelites, which has allowed itself to become a surrogate for the NCW.
      There are many examples throughout the world of Houses and convents of Carmel that are being used by the NCW as bases to spread the Gospel according to Kiko and Carmen, the unholy couple from Spain.
      Pius in his own writings is using some of the Carmelite Saints and their lives of contemplation to draw dangerous parallels with the NCW goals.
      These are gross misrepresentations, but both Carmen and Kiko have capitalized on these theories to make them theirs on many occasions. Allowing Kiko to rejuvenate his somewhat dated and confused theories based on his comprehension of the Blessed Charles de Foucauld (who must be very saddened by this).
      Pius was the Superior of his order in Malta, and a rising star in the Carmelite (expanding number of priests, brothers and sisters sounds familiar?), until his sudden and unexplained departure for the cold weather of Canada, where he apparently waited for a scandalous storm to quiet, before washing on our shores.

      So yes Pius is a dangerous individual, but the glossing over the demand for his removal is just another proof that the NCW has coopted many segments of the Catholic Church and continues to do its termite work.
      We have shined unwanted attention on their shenanigans, but they are not capitulating without a fight.
      Actually an upcoming analysis of their petition to support Fr Pius, will show us the sickening and dangerous practices of both the NCW and some of their Carmelite allies.
      More to come.

  8. As anonymous stated in Di's blog, Pius is a spirit like an angel? Lord have mercy....If Pius is an angel, what do they label Kiko?

    AnonymousNovember 26, 2014 at 9:22 AM
    To you all who talk about hatred, it was Father Pius who brought hatred into my heart!

    DianaNovember 26, 2014 at 10:10 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 9:22 am,

    Hatred cannot go into your heart unless you ALLOWED it to go into your heart. So, if hatred is in your heart as you say, it was you who gave hate permission to dwell there.

    AnonymousNovember 26, 2014 at 4:43 PM
    Dear Anon 9:22 AM - The evil coming from the you is rooted in the heart. Now, if Fr. Pius planted the evil in your heart, then it means two things: either Fr. Pius is a spirit (like and angel) who can enter the heart and thus plant evil thoughts, or, you yourself, as a person of free will and mind, allowed evil to rest in your heart. You did not resist. You did not repent of the evil. You are the one at fault. So, stop blaming others for the evil that comes from your heart. You allowed it there, so you deal with it accordingly by converting and repenting. Go to confession. Happy thanksgiving!

    1. I guess Diana believes that Pius is an angel because she posted anon 4:43's comment.