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Here is the response from Fr. Emanuel Schembri, O.C.D. to the letter sent by Chuck White regarding the petition to remove Fr. Pius from service in the Archdiocese of Agana.

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Date: Oct 25, 2014 11:46 PM
Subject: Petition re: Fr Pius Sammut
To: <>

Dear petitioners,
I have personally looked into the petitions presented both by those who believe that Fr. Pius Sammut, Discalced Carmelite, has a negative effect in the archdiocese of Agana (Guam) in his leadership role within the Neo-catechumenal Way, and those who cherish his presence and ministry in the archdiocese and elsewhere in the Pacific. The former carry over 300 signatories, and the latter over 1000.
At this point in time, one must remember also that as such the Neo-catechumenal Way and its statutes have been approved by St. John Paul II on May 11, 2008. Thus, as a Way within the Church and of the Church, the bishop is the Pastor responsible for the communities. Father General OCD, with regards Fr. Pius is well aware the he has served the Order for several years as Provincial in Malta, and his involvement as a dedicated Discalced Carmelite has been appreciated by his confreres in Malta throughout the years. It was with the permission of the then General of the Order and his Provincial, that Fr. Pius offered his services abroad.
Our Father Superior General has now passed on to me to reply to the request mailed to him, as Fr. Pius’ direct superior. This petition seems to be presented on the grounds of what one believes is happening (or happened) rather than objective reasoning. I have spoken to Fr. Pius on the matters presented, and keeping in mind that His Grace the Archbishop of Agana is appreciative of his presence and ministry, it results that there is no serious motive to accept the petition regarding his removal from his present ministry in Guam.
And finally, dear petitioners, we wish God’s blessings on you, your families and friends, on one and all. May the gift of reconciliation, with respect and love for one another, reign supreme.

With prayerful wishes,
Fr. Emanuel Schembri, O.C.D.
(Superior Provincial)

My response.

Dear Fr. Schembri,

Your order has just fallen greatly in my estimation, or at least the branch of it of which you are a part. No wonder we have people like Pius floating around, you don't even know that John Paul II DIED in 2005, yet you have him approving the "statutes" (It's Statute, by the way) of the Neocatechumenal Way IN 2008! Apparently you don't even know who the pope was in 2008. What a mess.

And check out this stupid statement:

This petition seems to be presented on the grounds of what one believes is happening (or happened) rather than objective reasoning. 

DUH! "Objective reasoning" is what we were asking YOU to do. The point of the petition was to ask you to consider the problem and OBJECTIVELY examine it. But the extent of your investigation is (AND THIS IS AMAZING): speaking with the Archbishop who is bigger problem, speaking with Pius who IS the problem, and noting that the other side had more signers (which consisted mostly of people's kids). HUH!

Well, Fr. Schembri, we gave you a chance to show some integrity and at least a modicum of intelligence. But you have failed at both. Now you have forced our hand. The explosion of division in this archdiocese can be directly traced to Pius' arrival in this diocese, and we will hold you personally responsible. Keep your eye on the news.

By the way, do yourself a favor and have someone who knows who was pope in 2008 write your letters (or did Adrian write this one too?).

Tim Rohr
(No Title and don't need one.)

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