Friday, October 24, 2014


In Gofigan case, wrong cleric removed

Print out. Make copies. Share. Educate others.


By coincidence (?), today is the feast of St. Antony Mary Claret (1807-1870). Guam could use someone like him just now.

He was born at Sallent in Catalonia. After becoming a priest he spent several years preaching to the people throughout Catalonia and also in the Canary Islands.

Returning to Spain, he established a missionary order, and founded a great religious library and publishing house in Barcelona which published millions of cheap copies of ancient and modern Catholic works.

In 1851 the Pope appointed him Bishop of Santiago de Cuba. The diocese was in a terrible state and everything needed reform and renewal.

He reorganised the seminary, enforced clerical discipline, and regularised thousands of marriages. He built a hospital and many schools. This was not done without opposition and he was the subject of fifteen assassination attempts.

Recalled to Spain in 1857 by Queen Isabella II to act as her confessor, he did further great work for the Church. His health began to fail, and he died at the Cistercian abbey at Fontfroide.

Learn more about this saint at The Life of Saint Antony Mary Claret.


  1. Hi Tim,
    I knew of this Catalan Saint, but I thought he died in 1870, not 1970. That would be a miracle in itself.

  2. Thank you Tim for sharing with us the life of this great Archbishop, truly an inspiration for all of us, and a far cry from our current one.
    A ray of light in the darkness that has enveloped Guam lately.

  3. Excellent Reply in the PDN,
    I think you covered all the bases of this hit piece pretending to be from NY

  4. Hi Tim, Thought you'd appreciate seeing Diana have a mini-nervous breakdown....Someone posted on Diana's blog that "Six Popes condone and applaud the WAY" so I replied that "Well, six popes condoned and applauded clergy sexual abusers...." inferring that the Church sometimes gets it wrong - and I was referring to the WAY being condoned." As usual, Diana went off the deep end and obsesses over the sexual part. Here's her and my reply:

    DIANA: I am still waiting.........An anonymous poster stated: Six Popes have also condoned and applauded clergy sexual abusers. I am waiting for the anonymous poster to give evidence to support what he/she says. Either support what you say or be man enough to admit your mistake.
    MY REPLY: It was no mistake. The evidence is there for all to see in the history of our church. Please look it up, as I can tell by your blog you always do your homework.It's there in plain sight! I would admit if I had made a mistake, alas, the only mistake I may have made is that there may have been even MORE THAN SIX POPES who had condoned and applauded clergy sexual abusers. The real question is: Why are you so bent out of shape about me stating that our church has history, both good and bad?

    1. Well for sure we have on record (see the video) John Paul II praising and approving Fr. Maciel. And so long as JP2 was alive, no one could touch Maciel, even though his crimes were already thoroughly documented which is why Pope Benedict moved so fast once he was pope.