Wednesday, November 26, 2014


‘Archbishop did not meet with Pope Francis about accused pedophile’

REV. Adrian Cristobal, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Agana, has denied that Archbishop Anthony Apuron met with Pope Francis last Friday at the Vatican about an accused pedophile.

LOL! And we should believe him because...?

Because he told us the truth about Aaron Quitugua? Because he told us the truth about the Museum? Because he told us the truth about Msgr. James? Because he told us the truth about Wadeson? Because he told us the truth about Joseph Lastimoza ("danger to children")? Because he told us the truth about Fr. Paul?

We have documented Cristobal's lies along with the Archbishop's for a year and a half.

Cristobal said:

“The meeting of the pope and archbishop was not regarding the accused pedophile. That is totally inaccurate,”

Really? What interest would an international news agency have in getting it wrong? Are they another "evil blog"? (Adrian's favorite description of this one.)

If you go to the news agency's website for 11-21-14 you will see that the story about Apuron is just one of a list of church-related stories. You will also see that you can go to any date and see a similar list of news stories. There is no commentary. It is just a news service. It has no agenda and like any news service has a vested interest in reporting correctly.

Cristobal is right about one thing. Apuron did not go to Rome to talk about his hiding of an accused pedophile. But that doesn't mean Francis didn't talk to him about it when he got there. Francis would have a particular interest in doing so since he is fresh from having removed a Paraguayan bishop for doing the same thing.

Interesting. Cristobal tells us that he doesn't know the content of the meeting but tells us that he knows what was not the content of the meeting. Ah, we are so used to this from him. Really, chancery, with all that's going on do yourself a favor and make someone else your spokesman.

The MV story says:

Cristobal said Apuron made the appointment to speak with the pope and was granted an audience with him. “The archbishop was very pleased with the meeting,” Adrian said, adding that Pope Francis was supportive and encouraging, and that the meeting was positive. 

What a laugh. Had Francis said such encouraging things to the Apuron you can bet that those things would have been not just announced but trumpeted immediately back to Guam. Instead we get: "The archbishop was very pleased with the meeting."

It doesn't matter. We are not waiting for the pope. We are demanding truth and justice from Apuron and Cristobal all by ourselves.

The fact remains that Apuron hid Wadeson's record from us for 14 years and now that Wadeson's record is exposed he is hiding Wadeson himself.

Never forget that it was not WE who accused Wadeson of wrongdoing, but Apuron himself when he stripped Wadeson of his ministry instead of defending him. Oh, and there's also the little fact that Apuron LIED to the Archdiocese of San Francisco. THAT did not go unreported to Rome.

What a mess these people continue to make!

Buck up friends. Enjoy your Thanksgiving knowing they aren't.


  1. Fr. Adrian is easily convinced about our "emperor archbishop's new clothes," thus his biased views, his distorted statements, warped reasonings, etc, etc, etc.

  2. Since AAA was in Rome, why not bring up the fact that we had a priest pedophile on island that was being sheltered by the Archdiocese of Agana at the RMS? Why Archbishop did you not make the most of your audience with the Pope? Because we all know it will come to be where it is now. And it is just starting, right? You AAA? Sue who? Simply you are ignorant of the ramifications of what is about to take place. Does the saying "gracefully bow out" mean anything to you? Sad.