Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Guam Catholics, we are not alone:

"You disregard our dignity as responsible Catholics. You rule over us with the caprice of a medieval lord. You abuse your authority and destroy an aspiring parish community! Just because there is not based on the zeitgeist, but in Catholic tradition." 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Trier Laity Rises Up Against Bishop's Dismissal of Faithful Pastor


  1. We may not be alone but unfortunately the culture we live in discourages confrontations, such as the demonstration described in this article. Even if it would not have made a difference — as evidenced by the pre-storm gathering of the faithful on the steps of the Cathedral-Basiiica to pray after the ouster of Msgr. James — it is a shame that the parishioners of Sta. Barbara were too fearful to do anything when the Public Persecution of Fr. Paul began on 16 July 2013. So fearful that many were reluctant to sign a petition requesting that Fr. Paul be restored as Pastor of Sta. Barbara Parish because they "didn't want to make the Archbishop angry."

    If not for this blog, many would continue to live in blissful ignorance about the crisis in our local church. And while this blog reaches well beyond the shores of our island — even to the Vatican! — there are still many, many people who don't want to be bothered and/or who simply think that prayer (without action) is enough.

    How many more priests must be removed before our people are willing to take action? Nothing was done in 2013 when Fr. Paul was removed from Sta. Barbara under false pretenses. A prayer service was held in 2014 when Msgr. James was removed from the Cathedral-Basilica under false pretenses. But nothing changed and AAA continues along his merry way.

    There are priests with targets on their backs — the most prominent is ADCAA President Fr. Mike Crisostomo, who has posted comments in this blog using his name as well as Fr. Efren Adversario who has also been courageous enough to post using his name. Let us remember that there are the priests — Fathers Tom McGrath, S.J., Jeff San Nicolas, Pat Castro, OFM Cap and Gus Gumataotao, OFM Cap — who, with Fr. Mike Crisostomo, contradicted AAA's claim that he had the support of the Presbyteral Council and the College of Consultors in his removal of Msgr. James and signed a letter requesting a public clarification of what really happened at the July 2014 meeting. They probably have targets on their backs, too. And let us also remember that Msgr. David I. A. Quitugua stood up and stopped Deacon Kim's Dog and Pony Show for the Nuncio last July; I'm sure AAA would like nothing more than for him to retire so one of the RMS "presbyters" can be assigned to Ordot. Will we do anything if in 2015 AAA manufactures some charges against Fr. Mike and removes him as pastor? With rumors circulating about the removal of priests from the "Capuchin parishes" — I recently learned there's no such designation as a "Capuchin parish" because ALL the parishes belong to the Archdiocese, none to the Capuchins — will we do anything if AAA decides that the Capuchins are no longer welcome on Guam?

    At the rate that AAA is ordaining his RMS "presbyters" it's only a matter of time before ALL Non-NCW priests will be removed under false pretenses as were Fr. Paul and Msgr. James because the majority of the "regular" Catholics "didn't want to make the Archbishop angry."

    If it comes to pass that AAA's Grand Plan to have ALL PARISHES under the administration of his RMS "presbyters," we will have only ourselves to blame because we were too afraid to do anything.

    Think about it.

    Mary, Queen of the Clergy, pray for our priests — especially for our beleaguered NON-NCW priests.

  2. Anonymous Catholic of GuamNovember 26, 2014 at 10:42 AM

    It has been made apparent that apuron is definitely a liar. The bending of truth to suit you is still lying. And in some respects, keeping quiet is worse than lying, too.

    Like Jesus Christ, remained quiet, Msgr. James did not speak out against you, apuron, and your neocancers. However, UNLIKE YOU, apuron, Msgr. James was supported and defended by good people---professionals in their own fields, respectable members of society, whom may have been labeled imperfect at one point in time, as they naturally follow the human design, but still are functioning as good citizens.

    Putting everything aside, with no fear for themselves and the repercussions that may encompass their movement, these professionals came forward. They faced the people, via the press, and hailed Msgr. James’ innocence over financial mismanagement accusations, not just with useless testimonies in forms of “echoes,” but with real documented evidence.

    The resounding truth: 1. Msgr. James did not commit financial mismanagement. He only managed what he could with what he was given by the chancery and apuron, which was, for over a decade, a BIG, FAT, NOTHING!!! Now, the NewNeo Administration of the Cathedral have to beg the people for things that were well provided for before, i.e. Church maintenance, as if everything just appeared out of thin air, straight down from God, because under Msgr. James, God truly provided.

    2. apuron and the neocancers wanted the Cathedral, Cemeteries and Gift Shop to use as money-making entities that they thought these were. But the money tree left with Msgr. James and these fools did not realize the amount of work that went into keeping these entities afloat. Idiots!

    apuron, now where are YOUR people? Where are your testimonies of love and benevolence? Choose wisely in who speaks in support of you. Brainwashed “college kids” that preach about being a neo, then posting on faceBook how they feel that they’re true calling is to be a professional wh*re. Or the ESL “seminarian” disobeying you, by going to the blogs, as they reveal the true fruits of your neocancer cult. Worst of all, adrian cristobal, who has been eyeing your seat in the Church. Whom everyone knows, is as dirty, guilty and secret-laden as you are, apuron. These neocancers cannot do anything for you because they can clap, sing, and dance their neo show all they want, and we TRUE Catholics will not heed nor believe their propaganda.

    You are crazy, apuron, to start the name calling and mud-slinging, when it turns out, you are the dirtiest of them all! And not just with mud, but feces----you are most disgusting!
    We see you, even just your picture and we do not imagine red cap on you, we see red horns, that truly befit you, that of a devil! Shame on you for causing us to sin! Shame on you for touching our children!

    Step the hell down, apuron! Defend yourself, if you are innocent. But we all know you will keep quiet, apuron, because INNOCENT, you cannot prove, because YOU ARE NOT!

  3. Apuron began the name calling mud slinging but we will finish it.