Friday, December 12, 2014


No doubt, Apuron is attacking Msgr. James again because he thinks Msgr. James is behind John Toves' visit and the creation of the Concerned Catholics of Guam. 

He thinks this because he is being told this by someone who also wants to take down Msgr. James, and he (Apuron) thinks he has the real intel. 

He doesn't. 

In fact, I know who that "someone" is. In fact, I have "the email" that would completely expose this lying fake. 

I'll get around to doing that when I feel like it, or better yet, we'll let him sweat since he'll probably figure out that this post is aimed at him. How fun to watch fools lie to each other and believe those lies because they want to. 

For the record, Msgr. James and John Toves have not seen or spoken to each other in more than twenty years. Msgr. James had NOTHING to do with John Toves' allegations or his coming here. John Toves chose to come here quite on his own. 

And also for the record, Msgr. James had NOTHING to do with the creation of CCOG. The idea for the CCOG began with Greg Perez. After Mr. Perez approached me about the idea, I approached Dave Sablan about joining Mr. Perez. Together, along with a few others, they came up with the idea for the corporation. But Msgr. James had NOTHING to do with it. 

In fact, as I did with Fr. Paul, I made sure to keep Msgr. James away from anything that we the laity were doing in their behalf. 

So why is Apuron doing this?

Apuron knows he is slipping fast with Rome. He desperately needs to shore up his crumbling facade. He doesn't know that it's too late. His lies have been thoroughly documented and arrived in Rome before he did. 

Since Apuron is a bully, he doesn't know how to do anything else but bully. So he latched on to what he thinks is intel from this latest fool who hates Msgr. James more than he does and will now publicly punish Msgr. James in retaliation for John Toves and the CCOG. 

What a messed up diocese this is. But it's exactly what we want, at least for now. We want Rome to see the manifestation of full-blown Kiko-ism. And there is no better place in the world for it than Agana, Guam and its puppet bishop. 

Apuron was prophetic about one thing. This is certainly an "arduous and painful closure to your assignment".  But it will be his own.

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