Thursday, December 11, 2014


Archdiocese bans media from filming without clearance

Posted: Dec 10, 2014 11:11 AM PGTUpdated: Dec 10, 2014 11:11 AM PGT

Guam - It's not public property; it's not government property, but rather private property! Those are the words from the Archdiocese of Agana which is now banning the media from filming or conducting interviews on Chancery grounds unless given permission. The Archdiocese has designated the St. John Paul the Great Center for Evangelization as the facility where media interviews can be conducted. The facility is adjacent to the Chancery and media will need to be escorted there. This new policy follows John Toves invitation to media last week to follow him to the Chancery as he attempted to confront the Archbishop. Toves accused the Archbishop of sexually molesting his cousin 30 years ago, but no victim has come forward.
MY NOTE: Even if a victim did come forward, the Archbishop's policy designates the Archbishop as the arbiter of the entire process. 


  1. "It's not public property. It's not government property, but rather private property......." Really??? So who do you think "purchased" that property? I, along with thousands, my great grandparents before me, my family, other Chamoru/Guamanian families....that "property" belongs to the CHURCH! WE ARE THE CHURCH!!!!

  2. The Archbishop is under the misguided and harmful perception that the Church is separate and apart from the faithful. He thinks that as the shepherd, he owns the fields, the fence, the barn, and all the accessories that are needed to feed the flock. He forgets that he is merely a trustee assigned by the Church to faithfully feed the flock. He is not an owner, and by restricting access to the Church including the clergy, he is abusing his authority. The Church is a home for all, open to all, and transparent to all. She must allow the free flow of communication to exist to the outside world if it is to do her duties properly and to be relevant to her flock. The Church should not hide anything. She should not have anything to hide. She should not be afraid. Pope Francis is doing just that. Tragically, our Archbishop is doing just the opposite. Archbishop Apuron and his advisors are afraid. Why? Because they have something to hide.

  3. Pius and the kiko coocoos impose they bunker mentality, and their sense of secrecy to the whole Church on Guam.
    Archbishop has become a straw man for a secretive cult.


  4. Archbishop Apurn has to learn that what is owned by the Archdiocese does not belong to him as personal property. Archbishop has never learnt to distinguish between what is personal property and material goods and what is church owned. At the same time he fails to understand that even if A person owns property or wealth in his own right, in fact he does not . Everything in life we own belongs to God, we are simply taking care of what is entrusted to us using treasure for the good of others. Everything belongs to God, we own nothing, Unfortunately Archbishop is very Worldly and likes material things and money. Very sad to see an archbishop acting like this in a Pope Francis Church for the poor.

  5. I guess between God and mammon we know where AAA's heart is at. Does he really believe that he owns the Catholic Church on Guam? The villages are not akin to the old European Papal States, and AAA is merely temporary trustee of village church property that belong to parishioners and protected by property rights under the U.S. Constitution. Continuing to take notes and record, record, record.

    1. He announced ams flailing that this all belongs to MEEE! December 26, 2012. In public. Recorded in my mind forever.

  6. Hey Archie, you want some private property you can call your own? Step down, get a job and buy some. It's that simple.