Tuesday, December 30, 2014


...for the Spaniards' junket?
CCOG needs to ask AAA outright who is paying for all of this. Given all the crying about the dire financial situation of the Archdiocese, the excessive pressure on parishes to pony up with more money, even being told to borrow the money if they can't meet AAA's quota, and his blaming everything on Msgr. James, AAA needs to come clean about who is paying for this big show.

By the way, all the media stories are referring to Senor Casquete as a "descendant" of the Jesuit Spanish priest, Father Manuel de Solórzano, whose skull he is dragging about the planet. (Did he get permission to transport a human body part on his flight here?) But as Chuck White notes below: How does a priest have descendants? Ahem. Maybe its a translation problem?

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