Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The Concerned Catholics of Guam are asking for a show of support, support they will present to the Apostolic Visitors in a few days. Both a hard copy of the petition and the online petition are available on the CCOG website here, or simply use the petition widget in the right side bar of this blog. 


  1. please go and sign this petition. This is very important, now is the time to stand up and be counted.
    The alternative is to let our Church die here on Guam.
    To all the anon that have made claims of support, now is the time.

  2. Thank you, Frenchie. Yes; now is the time to come out of your shell, shed your fears (as I shed mine) and identify yourselves as CONCERNED CATHOLICS whose sole purpose is to promote peace, harmony and unity among Catholics, not as the Archbishop alluded we are, i.e. that we are "plotting against the Church". The only plot we endorse is the plot that we wish to bury dissension and divisiveness within our Church in. Show your zeal for our Church and courage in defending it. Support the mission of the CCOG; register now! Go to "concernedcatholicsofguam.org" to register.

  3. Frenchie does a greater good for the church by remaining Frenchie. I do not know who Frenchie is and my detective mind would love to know. however Frenchie has given such excellent detailed informative comments over the past year that Frenchie gives a powerful dedicated witness to truth that Frenchie best remain as Frenchie. More power to Frenchie.

    1. To Anon at 2:36am - I am not being faceiteous in telling you that I truly thank you for correcting my message. That's what happens when one does not take time out to review what he had just written. My bad! Humongous blunder! I apologize to you - and especially to Frenchie, and others who choose to support our cause (plea for healing) as Anon or Pseudo. I am sorry. Thank you for your perceptive eyes!
      Frenchie, Anon 2:36 is right. You have been doing a lot of good in defense of our Church through your comments in the Jungle. I have often admired and been grateful to you for your many contributions through your comments, often responding and commending you, and saying "Amen to that" - but making my comments as Anonymous. Now I say them to you as my real self. I respect your (and everybody else's) reason for being anonymous. The days we are living in are indeed trying times, when we prefer or need to remain anonymous, but I am sure that each of the Anons have their own personal reasons, and I respect that. I was one of them for a long time. I have resolved my own issues, and that is why I have shed my anonymity. But for those who haven't, I respect you all. "Keep the faith", as they say. Stay the course, in defense of our Faith.
      That said, I still encourage those of us who can to support the efforts of the Concerned Catholics of Guam (CCOG) group, of which I am a member. Go to the website (links noted earlier) and register, and help us to bring peace, harmony, and unity to our Church. Without castigating anyone, I am reminded of the saying "if you are not part of the solution, you may be a part of the problem". (Again, take that saying with a grain of salt!)
      Anon at 2:36, Frenchie and the rest of you Anons - my apologies for my obviously poorly worded encouragement to register with CCOG. Peace to all - God's blessings to y'all on the new year.

    2. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaDecember 31, 2014 at 9:44 AM

      J.R.San Agustin (December 31 at 8:38AM), thank you for posting with your name after — as you just revealed — having posted as "Anonymous" in the past. I praise and thank God that you were able to resolve your issues which enabled you to shed your Veil of Anonymity and I pray that others will be able to do so as well.

      Like you, I hope the scores of persons who post as "Anonymous" here on JungleWatch will register with CCOG and/or sign the CCOG Petition. As members of the Church Militant we must do what we can to protect our AUTHENTIC Catholic Church against the onslaught of the Kikos/Kikobots who have the blessing of AAA.

    3. No problem Jr. Augustin 8.38am. Appreciate the comment you made. As Tim Rohr often reminds us everyone has a role to play here some can be up front others must remain enclosed behind the scene. But we all contribute to restoring peace and unity to the church.

  4. CCOG should organize a rally of sort to welcome the delegation to show we concerned Catholics are hopeful by their visit. We could line the stretch of road with our people holding their rosaries and signs.

    1. The CCOG is not going to do anything in the way of a public demonstration while the visitors are here. It is a SHAME on AAA in the first place for publicizing their visit. These types of “visits” are NOT friendly visits, and are usually only done to “investigate a special circumstance in a diocese or country, and to submit a report to the Holy See at the conclusion of the investigation.”

      Because of the investigative nature of the visit, the visitators, as they are properly called, normally do not want their visit to be publicized, at least not in the way AAA has publicized it (sending out a media release, etc.), mostly because they do not want to further alarm or scandalize the faithful.

      Of course, we know that the neocats will be out in force with their guitars and kiko songs, but in so doing, they will tell the visitators exactly what they already know: that their visit has been orchestrated. Like the legislature though, the real work does not happen at the public hearing, but AFTER the public hearing, and in this case, probably well before it.

      Stay calm. Continue to write your letters to the office of the Nuncio/Delegate (see tab above).

    2. If you would like to help please assist with collecting signatures. You can do so online or by downloading the petition. We need everyone to show a sign of support. thank you...

    3. Very true Tim the last Apostolic visit in the United States was conducted in Kansas by a Canadian Archbishop. He worked out of a convent calling people to meet with him privately. It all operated in silence. Very poor decision of Archbishop Apuron to even announce the Apostolic visitors.

    4. Don't blame Archie; blame the Wizard of Oz.

  5. To J.R, Mary Lou and all the participants on JW, on this last day of 2014, I am counting the blessings this difficult year brought us.
    A year ago, many of us were depressed and saddened by the events unfolding on this island.
    Thanks to Tim, mostly, but also to all of you who have posted here, a slow but growing movement has taken shape, which has allowed for these "visitators" to come in and do their inquiry.
    As Tim duly noted, we have to remain calm but steadfast. We have to show maturity and faith in our Church, despite the Apuron and Pius of this world.
    Many of us have realized the complexities and difficulties we must face to keep our beliefs.
    Our elders have shown us the way, and their challenges and successes should encourage us.
    It is not easy, nobody promised it would be easy, but we are here as living witnesses to our faith and we will not relent in the face of evil, whatever appearance it takes.
    Our natural tendency is to want to resolve things overnight. Our Church is two millenia old, and on many occasions it took decades to solve some of our issues, sometimes centuries.
    We have been maligned, defamed and yes persecuted. (think of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, in Egypt or Pakistan) for our beliefs. These are real persecutions, not make believed ones "a la Kiko"
    We have to remain strong, we have to show that we are better than our detractors.
    So far they have had the power of the Chancery and the artifacts of the kikos. They have used their political clout where ever they have it, and the moneys they have diverted to advance their sinful ways.
    The tide is turning, take heart and continue praying for guidance and inspiration.
    We shall prevail.
    Believe me, we are not alone, thousands of people are taking note of our struggle, and we have made head ways in places you would be surprised by.
    Like in any struggle, you have the front lines with the courageous grunts doing the day to day dirty work, but you also need supplies, intelligence, and diplomats who form alliances if you want to be successful and give the front line soldiers a chance. This is how we have been able to arrive where we are now.

    Now we have a fighting chance, we have raised awareness, we have exposed the lies and the shenanigans, we have started a process of healing amongst ourselves, and steeled our resolve against false prophets and impersonators.
    Each one of us in our own way is an army, as soon as we are no longer willing to cover up and hide.
    Personally this struggle has allowed me to meet great and simple people, and renew old relationships which I had let lapsed. In many ways, it has brought peace and closure on some of the issues I had swept under the proverbial rug. It has made me stronger.
    The light has always been the worst enemy of evil, and we shall shine it everywhere it needs to be.
    Lets give thanks for all the courageous volunteers, the anonymous, the priests that have taken a stand and shown us the way, and our allies around the world, that have been willing to help when they could, as well as relaying the story of our struggle.
    This is only the beginning.
    Even if our prayers are answered and we are rid of the people that have permitted and facilitated this sad state of affairs, we shall need to heal and prosper, which will be a very tough challenge.

    Again lets pray for guidance for the upcoming year, and prepare ourselves for that test, God has chosen to share with us, that it may bring us more solace, more peace and more comfort.

    1. Remember, before Fr. Paul was unjustly removed, nobody cared about what the Neos were doing and doing for years. God truly works in strange ways. He let the Archbishop not think thoroughly his moves and so we are where we are now. I remember too that somebody anonymous here in the blog was making fun of Tim Rohr saying that the blog was getting boring and showing sign of impending death. I wonder how he feels now a days.

    2. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaDecember 31, 2014 at 2:42 PM

      Frenchie (December 31, 2014 at 12:08 PM), thank you so much for this reminder of how far we have come from where we were just a year ago. Truly, much has happened in 2014. As Anonymous (December 31, 2014 at 1:08 PM) pointed out, the unjust removal of Fr. Paul alerted many of us — who had been existed in a vacuum of ignorant bliss where the NCW was concerned — to the turbulence that existed just below the surface.

      Frenchie, your contributions to this blog have been so valuable. While most of my comments are fueled by emotions and/or the desire to preserve our AUTHENTIC Catholic Church for the sake of my grandchildren, YOUR comments offer insights from a perspective that serve to encourage and inspire us. Your reflections have enabled me to pull myself together and resume activity after a brief “hiatus” when all the negativity got to me.

      I don’t know if we will ever meet in person, Frenchie, but please know that from your first contribution on 1 February 2014 (An open letter to my long time friend Father Paul AM Gofigan …) I was hooked and looked forward to reading your comments.

      You’re right — like many, I want resolution NOW; but it’s important to “remain calm but steadfast” as well as demonstrate “maturity and faith in our Church.” We have a long, challenging road ahead of us in terms of healing; we must remain faithful and not give in to despair.

      Again, thank you and God bless you for all you have done to support our efforts here on Guam from wherever in the world you are! May you have a Blessed New Year … and please know that as you pray for us, I pray for you.


    3. amen Frenchie 12.08pm. We move forward with prudence, and respect for truth and Justice. In one year this blog created by the respected Tim Rohr has moved people in Rome to order the apostolic visitation. This is an amazing period of history the people of Guam are walking in 2015. God bless Tim Rohr, Frenchie, and everyone working away for the cause.