Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This drama is getting nasty, look what I found on Diana's blog..

AnonymousDecember 3, 2014 at 1:49 AM
Did Father Paul Gofigan and John Toves go to pay a visit to Our Lady of Camelin this night at 11.oopm?!! Yes, eleven o’clock at night! They were seen wandering and wandering around the Cathedral at this unearthly time of the night.

Things are becoming clearer and clearer by the hour. Why did Mr. Toves appear now after 32 years of absence? Why is the media making so much clamor about his coming? Is it the gay lobby? Is it the vindication of two priests? Or both combined?

Yes. John Toves arrived last night and asked Fr. Paul to go with him to the Cathedral to pray the rosary. He wanted his first act on Guam to be the rosary in front of the Cathedral and to beseech the heavenly help of Our Lady.

Mr. Toves has been very clear as to why he is appearing "now after 32 years". Like many others, he was willing to let the past be the past until he began to see the gross injustices and lies perpetrated by Archbishop Apuron, many of which have been thoroughly documented time and again on this blog and in the media.

Mr. Toves isn't the only person who is NO LONGER willing to let the "past be the past". Many are now coming forward in a variety of ways. You will learn some of their names next week.

But isn't it just like a Kiko to suggest "is it the gay lobby?" LOL.


  1. Just goes to show show who has perverted minds! The NeoCats think they are they only ones who can save the world!

  2. It is abundantly clear that "Anonymous December 3, 2014 at 1:49 AM" from "The Dianas" blog and AAA drink the same KAKA (Kiko Argüello Kool Aid) which fills their minds with filth. Just last year AAA insinuated that Fr. Paul Gofigan was having a homosexual relationship with a married man. AAA also blatantly LIED — no surprise there! — when he claimed that Fr. Paul had the same man build a stairway to his bedroom — a stairway that existed long before Fr. Paul's 2004 ordination! — for the alleged late night trysts. That AAA spoke these vile words to other clergy members at a retreat is indicative of his sick sexual fantasies.

    And now we have this "Anonymous" Kikobot from "The Dianas" blog transforming an event in which two friends share a time of fervent prayer into another sick NCW homosexual fantasy?!?

    But then I guess that's what happens when AAA and his fellow Kikobots operate under the influence of too much KAKA so that their words and/or actions betray their severely perverted and impaired mentalities.

    1. And the Anonymous failed to mention the 3rd person with them.

    2. These type of allegations and mud throwing by the evil ones at the chancery and the man in the shadows at the hotel Pius the nut; are even more preposterous when you know the ethical reasons Fr Paul left the seminary in the 80s and waited almost 20 years before returning and embracing the priesthood to the fullest.
      This makes these vile lies even more disgusting.
      The fact that the ones making this are liars and cheaters and breakers of their vows is showing how far they have strayed from the Church and it's teachings.
      Absolutely disgusting and revolting.

    3. Unearthly time of night? 11:00 pm?????

    4. And what was anonymous doing at the "time of night"?

    5. According to Dominican priests I know from Malta Pius not exactly a clean past.

    6. Anonymous wasn't there, only the people who were doing the water blasting. they may have been the one who told anonymous.

    7. More like a certain person spying out the rectory window ?

  3. In psychology, it is recognized that the ones being the most vociferous about other people supposed sexuality are usually the most repressed and/or with the most to hide.
    That Neo Cats with leaders like Apuron, Cristobal and Sam the Nut accuse others of Gay Agenda is really the Pot calling the Kettle Black.
    Pius in particular is so vociferous and paranoid about this whole subject.
    May be, would he like to share how he came to live Malta as the Superior of his order there?
    Why hide in Toronto Canada, before washing on our shores?
    Come on Pius what are the real reasons? Want to share?

    May be one of the fictitious characters on Diana's (the lil lady with big hands) blog, will come up with another coocoo explanation. (another one)

    In the meantime, let me remind the visitors on this site about the modus operandi of the NCW:

    Deny, Deny and Deny!!!!!
    When that fails: Deflect, deflect and deflect!!!
    When that also fails: Attack, Attack and Attack!!!!

    This has been proven over and over again over the last two years, and this is what they are doing again. It is hard for them to throw away their playbook and really come up with something original, and more importantly true.
    Ho !!! the lies, the lies, the lies, always the lies.

    1. Cristobal......... Skeletons.........

  4. Pizza pie despises "the gay " lobby....hell bent on changing them...and has he ever tried!!

    1. This is why I am challenging him to tell us the real reason of his departure from Malta. So far like his student silence.

    2. Clearly remember in my conversations with Pius several years ago Pius launched a violent use of words against gay Catholics. Remember being shocked at his use of English and told him to respect all people with dignity. He then launched an attack into St.Patrick's seminary menlo park saying it is a seminary for gays. Over all a very unhealthy individual if not sick man.

    3. 6:22 so very true as many can attest to!

  5. Such ignorance! What is wrong with two people of the same sex seen praying? Such sick minds....I pray alot with many and isn't that what Jesus wants us to do is pray! We need alot of prayers, especially during this time. I am so disappointed with accusations that are not based on facts. Why would someone be spying on John Toves anyways...what are they doing up at that time? And so what...if he is seen with Father Paul? Does Fr. Paul need to get permission to be at the Basilica also? WE ARE THE CHURCH and I believe that we are ALL WELCOME!

  6. Drama! Drama! Drama! Dig! Dig! Dig!

    AnonymousDecember 3, 2014 at 9:09 PM
    Lost in the jungle I suppose. We are not Saints ourselves but the events surrounding this "drama" have hidden motivations.....evil. What is the connection between rohr and benavente; toves and the capuchins; gofigan and his employee. Who knows? Funny how they manipulate the press to promote their adjenda, maybe its time for us to start digging ourselves and see how righteous rohr and his buddies truly are. hhhhhhmmm

  7. The Hopeful faithfulsDecember 4, 2014 at 3:23 AM

    Anon Dec 3, 9:09pm “Drama”, you say? We all clearly see instead, deflection, deflection, deflection by archly desperate” minions; their weak and bleak attempts of diversion, diversion, diversion from the truth about the accusations; their fear-motivated denial, denial, denial about the anticipated end to the reign of corruption and deception by the hierarchy of this diocese and their fear about the most-awaited-and-most-welcomed-by-the-faithful demise of kiko underlings on our island!

  8. What's funniest to me about this post is that it bothered this person so much that they took to the internet at 1:49a to write about it. That's more "unearthly" than going to the Cathedral at 11p, haha!

    Praying for you, JT.

  9. Come on Tony! We're still waiting! Hurry up and file! Because none of your desperate followers will be laughing when the truth comes out.

    Just today I was talking to someone who happens to be related to J.Toves and the victim, and swears that the entire family knows about what happened, AND that there are more victims.

    Are you still laughing? What about Tony?