Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This drama is getting nasty, look what I found on Diana's blog..

AnonymousDecember 3, 2014 at 1:49 AM
Did Father Paul Gofigan and John Toves go to pay a visit to Our Lady of Camelin this night at 11.oopm?!! Yes, eleven o’clock at night! They were seen wandering and wandering around the Cathedral at this unearthly time of the night.

Things are becoming clearer and clearer by the hour. Why did Mr. Toves appear now after 32 years of absence? Why is the media making so much clamor about his coming? Is it the gay lobby? Is it the vindication of two priests? Or both combined?

Yes. John Toves arrived last night and asked Fr. Paul to go with him to the Cathedral to pray the rosary. He wanted his first act on Guam to be the rosary in front of the Cathedral and to beseech the heavenly help of Our Lady.

Mr. Toves has been very clear as to why he is appearing "now after 32 years". Like many others, he was willing to let the past be the past until he began to see the gross injustices and lies perpetrated by Archbishop Apuron, many of which have been thoroughly documented time and again on this blog and in the media.

Mr. Toves isn't the only person who is NO LONGER willing to let the "past be the past". Many are now coming forward in a variety of ways. You will learn some of their names next week.

But isn't it just like a Kiko to suggest "is it the gay lobby?" LOL.

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