Friday, December 5, 2014


  1. Whoa!! It is obvious that the Chancery have no clue on how to handle the media.

    Interview of the Official in charge of Sexual abuse investigation, and the guy cannot even dress properly and even wear his collar.                                                                                                        
    During the interview the poor man contradicts his previous statements at least six times.
    The journalists seemed incredulous that somebody could be that unprepared.

    We are investigating, but we already met. These are grave accusations, but basically we do not need to look into it. I am impartial, but I think the Archbishop who is my leader and my role model is innocent.                               
  2. We have not made a decision, but these accusations are unfounded and we will release a statement very soon.

    The poor man is all over the board....left to right, up and down and sideways.
  3. Body language goes from resolved to nervous, to defensive back to aggressive and again unsettled.
    Perfect case study for a 1st year student of police interview.....
  4. Oh the lies, the lies......


  1. Frenchie, I was very impressed with Mr. John Toves and how he presented himself at the Guam chancery. Shirt and tie, very respectful, kind and gracious, and excellent spoken English. Unfortunately, can't say the same for the deacon, poor grooming, dress, and spoken english poor. No wonder the journalists look shocked as he was speaking. Best archdiocese looks for a media spokesman who has the requirements for this task.

    1. There's a prerequisite for that job though, Anon 7:35pm. One has to be a "brother" in the sect.

  2. Yes Anon at 7.35, the comparaison was striking to say the least. The demeanors as well. As far as getting a media spokesperson I am afraid that Chuck is unfortunatly right on that one.
    This is at the crux of the dilemma the Chancery has.
    Since they chose to only use people in the know, and part of "the way", that leaves them with a restricted field of capable players.
    Their fast churning of "catechist" from RMS, with backgrounds (when we know them) that are well bellow par compare to the average Seminary, also does not allow the Archbishop to have many quality people to choose from.
    What they are left with, is a small group of zealots with dubious experiences that are teleguided by the man in the Shadows (Pius).
    As is evident in the interview, when the scenario is flawed, you need a very good story teller, and obviously the deacon does not fall in that category.
    Speaking from experience, I do quite a lot of public speaking on a regular basis, and this is not something you go into willy nilly. Yet, if there are questions related to direct interaction with the media, I always found it best to let the pros handle it. (This is a real and complex job).
    If worse comes to shove it is best to stay short, keep it simple and move on without personal remarks. Then let the pros handle it.
    Basically it is like a football game, you don't want to fumble and give the ball to the other team.
    Yet, this is exactly what the Chancery did......More to come.
    This soap opera is far from over.

    1. The DRAMA continues..after listening to the Pattie Arroyo interview, she says that the AAA policy on clergy abuse can be reported by anyone and not necessarily by the victim, so what is the problem? They made the policy yet they cannot abide by it! Kinda late to amend it now! The allegations were already made!

    2. Yes Anon at 11.01, and there is a reason for that:

      Lies! Lies! and more lies!!!
      This is the only thing this Chancery knows how to do efficiently: LIE