Thursday, December 4, 2014


The question continues to be asked by some who want to discredit those who have come forward against Archbishop Apuron.

The answer is very simple and it was recently given to us by Pope Francis himself. In fact, it was given on THE VERY DAY he met with Archbishop Apuron:
"But there are two things that the people of God cannot forgive: a priest attached to money and a priest who mistreats people. This they cannot forgive!"
For more than 30 years, the people of the Archdiocese of Agana have been willing to overlook and forgive the Archbishop for his human failings. However, as Pope Francis himself said, they CANNOT forgive "a priest attached to money and a priest who mistreats people." 

And on July 16, 2013, Archbishop Apuron officially began to mistreat people.

Perhaps the Pope knew exactly who stood in front of him that day.

Here is the letter that began it all. And now that we know for sure that Joseph Lastimoza was NEVER a "danger" to anyone and in fact was permitted by the Archbishop to work at the same parish for three years upon his release from prison in 2000, we can also now know for sure that this action against Fr. Paul was nothing more than a vicious act to destroy a priest who stood in Archbishop Apuron's (neocatechumenal) way.


  1. And this Anon poster on Diana's column wants to know who the cash cow is! Funny!

    AnonymousDecember 3, 2014 at 11:44 PM
    The connections are mind twisting: the characters: gofigan - toves - benavente - rohr - chuck white - efren - crisostomo - blockley - martinez - archdiocesan finance council - gay lobby - money. Their goal: bring down Archbishop. These guys will not operate unless they are funded. Who's the cash cow? Who is funding - ?????. Does anybody have an educated guess?


    1. The answer is quite simple. Ever since the Dianas started attacking me and my family, the donations have been pouring in to help fight back. Without the Dianas I don't think I would have received this much support. In fact, without the Dianas my blog would have never achieved the popularity it has. Every insult, every dig, every attack sends more people and more money to my blog. Thanks.

    2. You are most welcome.

    3. 11.44pm No one named in the comment desires to bring down the Archbishop. Names you mention are all loyal roman Catholics dedicated to sacred tradition, sacred scripture, and with a deep and profound love for mother church. However, I do believe they all desire the healing of our beloved island church, and the unity of the church in this island nation.

    4. We won't have to "bring him down". The Lord will take care of His Church. Patience, people. Regime running out of gas. Almost E.

  2. Why know are you asking? Very simply, because it is never too late to start a good deed and finish it.
    Ridding this island of the worst excuse for a Bishop in recent history, and the parasites that have attached to his frocks is probably the best deed we can achieve for the generations to come.
    If there ever was a more conniving, hurtful and heretical Bishop in the Pacific Region, it would be a very close call for first, because brother Anthony demonstrate every day why he needs to depart.
    He does this with great enthusiasm and zeal, which characterize the extremist and sinful ways of the Way.
    This is the reason of why now. Enough is enough.
    Stop denying, stop deflecting and stop attacking, and maybe, maybe God will one day forgive your grave sins against his Church and his flock.
    In the meantime Va de retro Satanas!!!

  3. Fr. Matthew BlockleyDecember 4, 2014 at 8:01 PM

    This is all began many years ago in 1992.

    For 22 years I have lived in deep pain.

    1. Father Matthew....been asking for you. Welcome back. Sorry for your pain. Really sorry. Need part iii. Any chance?