Saturday, January 3, 2015


Oh, Apuron, Apuron, Apuron. You give me such a sense of power. It's like I can dictate your movements by what I post on this blog. 

How fun.

I exposed your attempt to hijack the apostolic visit with your very ill-advised statement to the press. You knew you were not supposed to announce it like that, but you did. Why? Because you knew what the visit was REALLY about. Did you really think that your attempt to minimize an APOSTOLIC VISIT to the level of a congratulatory tour of your two seminaries would fool us?

Oh, you think so little of us. Or is that just Pius whispering in your ear...both of them. 

You had all your troops lined up for the big welcome tonight at the airport. Guitars, Kiko songs, leis, probably dancing too. But since I pointed out what a charade that would be and you know that the visitors read my blog, hmmmm, maybe not, eh?

You might thing the visitors are stupid, BUT WE DON'T. 

You wonder who leaks things. Here's a hint. You do. You are so narcissistically jealous of anyone more important than you that you run your mouth to vent the poisonous foment in your soul and everybody hears. You don't even know who you are saying this stuff to.

By the way, did you find that document yet? What document? Here's a reminder:

"Rome has approved it – even the way we’re receiving Communion. That they receive the host standing and they can sit down and everybody who receives it and they eat together...Rome has given permission for that. And it’s somewhere I need to find out where exactly, but they told us that permission is given." - You. 12/15/14. St. Francis parish visit. 

Oh, and John Toves is still waiting for you to sue him. 

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