Saturday, January 3, 2015


Oh, Apuron, Apuron, Apuron. You give me such a sense of power. It's like I can dictate your movements by what I post on this blog. 

How fun.

I exposed your attempt to hijack the apostolic visit with your very ill-advised statement to the press. You knew you were not supposed to announce it like that, but you did. Why? Because you knew what the visit was REALLY about. Did you really think that your attempt to minimize an APOSTOLIC VISIT to the level of a congratulatory tour of your two seminaries would fool us?

Oh, you think so little of us. Or is that just Pius whispering in your ear...both of them. 

You had all your troops lined up for the big welcome tonight at the airport. Guitars, Kiko songs, leis, probably dancing too. But since I pointed out what a charade that would be and you know that the visitors read my blog, hmmmm, maybe not, eh?

You might thing the visitors are stupid, BUT WE DON'T. 

You wonder who leaks things. Here's a hint. You do. You are so narcissistically jealous of anyone more important than you that you run your mouth to vent the poisonous foment in your soul and everybody hears. You don't even know who you are saying this stuff to.

By the way, did you find that document yet? What document? Here's a reminder:

"Rome has approved it – even the way we’re receiving Communion. That they receive the host standing and they can sit down and everybody who receives it and they eat together...Rome has given permission for that. And it’s somewhere I need to find out where exactly, but they told us that permission is given." - You. 12/15/14. St. Francis parish visit. 

Oh, and John Toves is still waiting for you to sue him. 


  1. Whoa here! I thought that there was only ONE set date to make an appointment, which would be on Monday???? Then on certain days, the deacons, the clergy and the religious have their day.. BUT for ONE HOUR ONLY!! What happens during the rest of the day? I hear there is also a private list for schedule meetings. Who are on the PRIVATE LISTING? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE SCHEDULING!

  2. Tim, ever think you're the problem?

    1. Oh, hello there, Adrian. Can't stay away. I know. Yes to your question. Of course I am the problem. And proudly so. Without me, you and your little sycophant team of kiko-weirdos would have destroyed even more priests and caused more damage to our island and church than you already have. I haven't even begun to use what I have on you guys. So go ahead, push it.

    2. our island?????????

    3. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJanuary 3, 2015 at 3:45 PM

      YES, Anonymous (January 3, 2015 at 3:09 PM), "OUR island" — do you have a problem with that? Do you have a problem with Tim's willingness to reveal the details of Decades of Deceit inflicted upon us by AAA and Minions? Do you have a problem with Tim's courage in presenting chapters in the Tomes of Tyranny which AAA and Minions may have been able to hide from people like me for all these years? Do you have a problem with Tim's ability to shine the Light of Truth into the dark crevices of the minds of AAA and Minions? If you do, that is YOUR problem.

      YES, Anonymous @ 3:09 PM, Tim is fighting for OUR island and OUR Church — I thank and praise God that he does. Otherwise we would continue to live either (a) in blissful ignorance (like me) OR (b) whispering about the ills coming from the Three on the Hill but unwilling to do anything but talk (like most of Those in the Know before JungleWatch).

      Tim Rohr has EVERY RIGHT to refer to Guam as "OUR island" not only because he and his family live here and call Guam "Home," but because he has done so much to expose the filth and gangrene that has infected our Church for far too long. Without him, we would still be wringing our hands and bemoaning the activities of AAA and Minions.

      Thank you, and God bless you, Tim Rohr, for all you have done and continue to do!

    4. Tim has family, blood family here, so yes, "Our Island". Pius the Some Nut, does not have family here, or descendants that can claim otherwise. Sorry for the name calling........

    5. Anon @ 11:14 AM - Anyone who is intent to reveal the truth is in the light of Christ for Christ is the Way the truth and the Life. It is those that hide the truth, lie and aid in the propagation of the sin that are the ones that we should be concerned about. Feeling a bit guilty? Your actions to accuse someone of being the problem is a clear projection of oneself. Look in the mirror and be concern of your self..
      God Bless..

  3. If you want to comprehend how this Archdiocese runs and operates, rewind a few months back to Chuck White's initiative for a petition to the Carmelite's leadership to remove Fr Pius Samnut from Guam.
    Almost immediately after Chuck 's petition going online, Pius the Samnut initiated a petition of support for himself.
    Few weeks later Chuck sent the petition he collected to the General in charge of the Carmelites, and received not long after an answer to his petition.
    To make a long story short, the regional responded on behalf of his superior, that he could not agree with said petition, because:
    a) he had received only a little more of 300 signatures for the removal, but over a thousand in support of Pius
    b) he had talked with Pius, who had denied any of the accusations highlighted in the petition
    c) the archbishop was happy of the services of Pius (who happens to be Anthony de facto boss)

    Tim posted all these interventions, and his answer to the regional of the carmelite (in Canada).
    Something did not smell right in that story, so I investigated and easily found that the petition to support Pius was actually a compilation of false statements and misleading addresses.

    On a first count, you could see that over 3/4 if the signatures in support of Pius were from Guam and the rest from other areas in the USA and around the world.

    On a second study of the petition, you can easily establish that a large portion of the signatures claiming to be from Guam, were actually from other locations, but claimed to be from either the Cathedral/basilica or the Chapel in Yigo.
    When you actually took out all the seminarians and neo priests out of the count, the number of petitions from Guam was almost the same that these for the removal of Pius.
    What Pius and the NCW had done was cooked the books. They had sent a plea for help to all their communities worldwide, and instructed their followers to sign as parishioners from a couple of parishes here on Guam.
    Then they had large numbers of people from Malta, Italy, Hawaii and California signed on, and mixed the list so it appeared as coming mostly from Guam.

    This, my friends is the way Pius and the NCW operate, they distort, they misrepresent and they plainly lie about what and how they do things.
    This probably was not the first time they did this on Guam. (Tim has demonstrated their misleading ways with RMS properties and others), it is certainly very revealing of what we can expect from Pius and the Genarinis if we allow them to continue their evil ways on Guam.

    This grossly distorted approach from the Chancery is unfortunately a familiar M O Pius has been using for many many years, here and in Malta.

    1. Thanks, Frenchie. Yes the have misled. It's all they can do, and particularly on the property issue. I'll review all that soon.

  4. John C. "Typhoon Toves"January 3, 2015 at 3:33 PM

    A favorite old classic song - "Sue me, sue me, what can you do me, I love you! Go ahead, hate me, hate me, go ahead hate me I love you!" Hey Archie - I sing that song just for you! And maybe, Tim can do keyboards! And, and, and, Frenchie can do the French Horn! Maybe you and I could do a duet?!!!

    Everyone! Accompany us please by signing the petition! We'll use your keyboard clicking as percussions!

  5. John C. "Typhoon Toves"January 3, 2015 at 4:13 PM

    Anon 3:09 pm - YES, OUR ISLAND!!! Anyone with a good heart and soul, and who has blessed our sand with their presence; anyone who has their blood and sweat in the goodness of the island! - YES, OUR ISLAND! God blesses all of us!

    You've pushed my button. I will find your ip before the days end! Much for you to look forward to!

    1. Agreed John... Tim and his family have done so much for the community on Guam; so much more than most Chamorros. This coming from a Chamorro born and raised on this beautiful island.

    2. Thank you John and Tim, your courage has empowered many. God is Love and we should all do what we can to end this terrible misrepresentation by those using his name in vain. Sincerely, thank you and God bless you and all doing what must be done <3

  6. Click here to hear Fr. Pius talk about how important obedience is, and how he is edified by others' obedience to him. Except for the rebels, of course. More precious words from Fr. Pius can be found here.

  7. 9:30 AM Mass tomorrow jammed packed with NEOS! Will they be bused to the Cathedral? I thought the Romans were to arrive tomorrow the 4th as stated in the media! Wow what a throw off!

    1. Can't believe everything you hear. Nope.


  8. Fr.Pius unfortunately fails to understand obedience. his view of obedience is people obedient to him and yet who exactly is Pius obedient too. Not even Apuron is Pius responsible. False understanding of obedience.

  9. everyone's coming out tomorrow at Basilicas 930am mass to make a show for the delegates

    1. Hope the AirCon is on at the Basilica! And a few other missing details that haven't been attended to of late! Donate!

    2. who said so, Catholics United Airlines?

    3. Got a message that the visitors will be at 9:30 am mass.

  10. Some believe that these visitors are pro-Neo because they are part of the Congregation of the Evangelization of Peoples, which supports mission efforts. Can you please clarify this?


  11. Sounds to me the visitors are more intelligent than Apuron and have their own minds.


  12. Oh Apuron what a fool!


  13. Cristobal visitors will talk to you!

  14. To anon @11.40, it looks like your question reflect the confusion many of us have when it comes to the organization of our Church and what it means for us.
    Archbishop Krebs is the nuntius (in Latin ). As such he is an "ambassador " and reports to the Vatican's foreign ministry. He is based in New Zealand and his territory encompass most of the Pacific including the Marianas and Guam.
    The Congregation for the Evangelization of people's is one of the main administration of the Vatican. It is led by Cardinal Filoni. Like all congregation it has a secretary and what could be best described as a board of directors. All are nominated and confirmed by the pope. Many Cardinals and archbishops that seat one these "boards "can belong to several of them.
    Each congregation is like an administrative department with its well determined areas of responsibilities.
    That congregation covers among other things missions and seminaries.
    Both the Archbishop and reverend are from orders affiliated with missions and teaching.
    The Reverend has a specialty in seminaries.
    While Cardinal Filoni has been a strong supporter of the NCW this is a mandated mission which has to answer to three departments who will most likely give their report to the Pope's office.
    Even if Cardinal Filoni wishes to influence the report he could not do so without raising
    Many questions from other congregations and the secretariat of State itself