Saturday, January 3, 2015


According to someone who was in attendance at the "round table" yesterday, the message is this:

The people of Guam have "opposed the mission" before. 

  • "The mission", of course, is the Neocatechumenal Way. 
  • The "missionaries" are Pius, Atienza, et. al.
  • The "people" are those of who resist "the mission".
  • The "skull" is the symbol of their persecution by us. 


  • We are the murderers.
  • We are the ones who are trying to drive the church out.
  • They are the ones who have come to give their lives for us pagans.
  • They are the persecuted ones. 

As already noted, this did NOT pass the smell test from the beginning (here and here). And now we know why. And all paid for by you and me. Thank you Archbishop Apuron. You will stop at nothing to trash your own people. 


  1. Apuron continues to heap insult upon insult to our intelligence. Such arrogance! Never mind the fact the near genocide of the Chamorro people at the hands of the Spanish muderers. Basta fan Antonio i babarias! Tai mamahlao!

  2. I wont' be surprise if the NCW makes the connection that this skull is a descendent of Kiko..

  3. We have been deceived by the Great Deceiver. The return of the remains of Father Manuel de Solórzano, a Spanish missionary killed in a Chamorro uprising on Guam[1], is nothing more than a disinformation campaign designed to mislead the visiting Vatican officials.

    The “ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing” posing as followers of the Catholic Church have used historical fact to reconstruct events that has happened in the past with the Chamorro people and the killing of Father Manuel de Solórzano and the CCOG- All in the name of the Pope.

    Ironically, they call this group and their affiliations similar to the DaVinci Code however they are using the exact same “conspiracy theory” to deceive the Vatican.

    EX: “Well, this one puts together a “conspiracy theory” with the help of some very powerful (and almost believable) real-life players—Leonardo Da Vinci, Opus Dei, and modern goddess-worshipping “historians” who prefer the faked gospels to the real thing. You see, the Holy Grail turns out not to be a chalice, but a person. The Holy Grail is a woman—Mary Magdalene—who married and bore children to Jesus. And there she is, for all the world to see, in Leonardo’s famous painting of The Last Supper—in the place of honour, at Jesus’ right hand (check it out for yourself).”[2]





  4. Apuron enslaver of chamorro nation.

  5. Might as well label him and his cronies with the ISIS movement in the Middle East IMO.