Friday, January 16, 2015


  1. Some have suggested a "dialogue" of proportions much larger than what I had in mind. My offer is personally to Ms. Benavente, a private chat about our views, simply a personal sharing. Perhaps there is something I am missing. My compassion for those in the Neocatechumenal Way, and who are being unduly damaged by the consequences of the actions of its aggressive leadership has been largely formed by many such chats with people in the NCW, which is why I try to separate them from the leadership and the militant "kiko's. I do not believe that a "great debate" would be fruitful. One to one. The offer is open to anyone. I will make time.


  1. If the current NCW members can't see what the New Jersey NCW is doing to our island and all they can see is that they were saved and find safety in the NCW community then they should wake up now. If they wait too long they will wake to nothing because THE NEW JERSEY NCW has stolen what was ours.

  2. Even somebody who has been "walking" for more than ten years would need to get permission from their catechist in order to dialog with you, Tim. I guess that's what they mean by "adult faith", as opposed to your "infantile natural religiosity".

  3. Since there is not a single point of contention that divide the NCW with those not walking in the way, dialog on a large scale may not be too fruitful, most especially if parties arrive with opinions greatly influenced by pre-conceived understanding of doctrines they were formed in, coupled with denial that certain improper practices are taking place in the church.

    While I agree that there can be certain compromise made to certain rituals and practices that do not affect the fundamental truth of what the Church teaches, there are certain teachings that are just not negotiable. I would imagine that weather one stands or sits at the reception of the Holy Eucharist, is perhaps an example of such teachings that the Church can allow, however the point that many are making in this blog stems from the fact that the Church upon whom Christ entrusted with the Sacraments also institutes certain rubrics necessary to maintain the sacredness of the sacraments and prevents certain scandalous practices from creeping into the liturgy diminishing the meaning and purpose of these supernatural gifts. It is expected then that all those who administer or receive the sacraments as the church intends obey the Church in her requirements. We also know that no Bishop or Priest has the capacity of alter what the church officially prescribes as necessary for the administration and reception of these sacred gifts.

    How do we dialog the matter of "Jesus being a sinner" however when this is fundamentally opposed to all that is Christianity. Any sect that teaches this cannot be considered Christians.

    But as we have already seen, it is just not doctrinal matters that is being questioned, but actions that cause scandal to those valunerable members of the church who are affected by the lies and deceit that our leaders have been called out on and in most cases are silent on their response or when they do respond continue to deny that any improprieties exist even when proof of their actions are brought to light.

    How can there ever be dialog ????

    1. No, not really. The NCW leadership at the very top has shown us that. However, we can certainly speak one on one. And that is what I am willing to do and have always been willing to do. Liturgical practices that digress from the liturgical books are not up for discussion because we are not authorized to permit them, not even the bishop. However, unfortunately liturgical digressions occur regularly and not just in the NCW. I would encourage everyone to know what the church requires. Read the General Instruction of the Roman Missal. Just google it.