Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Father Pius has been heard to say (and supported by Archbishop Apuron) that the reason they don't want to send our men to St. Patrick's Seminary in Menlo Park, CA is because "it's full of gays". Hmmm. Maybe the real reason is because the archbishop has some unpaid bills waiting for him there.

  1. Tim. Some associated with St. Patrick's Seminary, Menlo Park, CA often joke that Guam left unpaid bills in the seminary because Archbishop Apuron and Fr. Adrian did not wish to give money to this seminary. So you're right. Why give to an appeal where our local priests are not trained. Honestly, there are serious questions circulating regarding Archbishop Apuron, money and certain priests. Hope in time  the clouds will lift.


  1. Trying to collect from Tony is an exercise in futility unless it's a bar tab. Call me Tony.


  2. Many vendors owed money by chancery.


  3. Don't think president rector, faculty, students, priests of st.patrick's seminary will appreciate this post.

    At same time outstanding bills should be paid. Should it be true Guam owes money to this seminary I would encourage the people of Guam to collect in lent to pay this account. First need to establish if and how much is owed from archdiocese to st. Patrick's. Better to send donations to St. Patrick's opposed to r m s.

  4. Our tony enjoys picking up bar tabs for his neo friends. That's as far as paying bills goes. Doubt he even pays his own power water bills.

  5. He has solar!! The whole roof of Episcopal residence. A few bucks saved-a few rounds paid. Call me Tony.

  6. Some sems used to attend uog never saw anyone graduate....then, presto! Presbyter. Undergraduate, graduate in Theology. With pastoral year. Pre theology if necessary. Do we have any of these from rms? Nope

  7. I graduated from St. Parick's Seminary in Menlo Park, and I can vouch for its excellent academic and pastoral programs. Most of the professors are noted authors in their fields of specialization such as Scriptures, Canon Law, Liturgy and Homiletics. Why do you think David Quitugua and Adrian Cristobal did not pass their stringent scrutiny and had to finish in Berkeley?

    What insult apuron and pompous pius cast upon this venerable institution of priestly learning! There is a history of mutual respect between Agana and San Francisco (who owns St. Patricks), and these two clowns had to sprinkle fairy dust of aspersions from their own limp wrists to destroy a friendship forged between the two dioceses! Pay your bills, ungrateful ordinary! At least on this matter, show some dignity even if you are totally bereft of any semblance of class. By the way, we do not accept plastic trash bags.


    1. Should there not be a pastoral year for r m s seminarians?
      Should there not be weekly pastoral placements in schools, hospitals prisons of Guam.
      Important to ensure that our priests have a good pastoral spiritual formation .
      The task of leading souls to the lord is such a huge responsibility important to have solid spiritual pastoral intellectual foundation. It is not about what Pius wants or does not want. It is about forming priests according to the mind and heart of the church.

  8. Father Matthew BlockleyFebruary 26, 2015 at 6:55 PM

    Important point to reflect on the historical friendship of St.Patrick's seminary and the Archdiocese of Agana . This seminary administered by the Sulpician Fathers built upon the ecclesiology of Jean Jaques Olier of the French school of spirituality. St. Patrick's over the years produced fine priests for Guam, Saipan, and the dioceses of The west coast of the United Sates. For sure no seminary is a perfect insttitution but every seminary is concerned with one aim, to mould young men into priestly hearts after that of Jesus Christ. It would be true to say that even with the stain of human weakness caused by original sin on humanity, St. Patrick's formed fine men with priestly hearts for service of the church. How much we need good priests to help all of us on the road to salvation.

    Fr.Matthew Blockley.

  9. Apuron has PROSTITUTED the Archdiocese of Guam at the expense of trusting Roman Catholics, and to the detriment of local vocations. Churning out questionable and half-baked presbyters for the purpose of appeasing pontius pius and king kiko, and for racking up numbers is a severe injustice and grave irresponsibility. If Apuron's sole intent is to amass more personal wealth and ingratiate himself to his European masters, let him be the whore, and leave us out of his diabolical design. This human trafficking has got to stop.