Wednesday, February 25, 2015


what your salary TIM ? getting any free cemetery plots

I'm so glad you asked. I got paid a whopping $1,673.60 last year from the Cathedral Basilica and no plots.

And because of groveling trash diggers like you who continue to trash Msgr. James and try to trash me, I decided to collect on what the Cathedral still owes me: $2221.63. I was going to keep my demand for payment private, but you provided the motivation to keep this in full view including what I will do next if they don't pay me. You guys are your own worst enemies, aren't you.

Below is the cover letter. Here is the whole statement.

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  1. Anon 12:50, what a numb nut! You need to learn to stop asking stupid questions. Why don't you suck on an orange then practice holding your breath so you can slow down your theft of oxygen. Truth, logic, honesty all seem to be missing from your kind.