Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Earlier I was mocked for not really accomplishing anything, for just "having views", etc. 

I replied that I had accomplished quite a lot and then listed those accomplishments, but forgot to include my biggest accomplishment - exposing the annual lie that this archdiocese told to the Catholic Extension Society (CES) so it could soak it for a quarter of a million dollars every year and steal money away from truly needy dioceses. 

My exposition of this lie has caused the CES to dry up the funds to our money hungry chancery, and by next year, the full quarter of a million it got every year will be GONE. ZIP. ZERO. NADA.

But though it was I who wrote the CES with extensive documentation proving that the Archbishop of Agana was bilking poor people across the country out of millions over decades by faking a missionary status for his diocese, the real credit goes to Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron.

You see, once his RMS ruse was exposed, Archbishop Apuron knew he had to do something to appease the natives, so he started another "ruse", the JP2 seminary. But ruse or not, the move was death to the quarter million bucks he sucked out of the CES each year because one of the essential criterion for qualifying as a mission diocese and getting those big grants was evidence of the inability of this diocese to support itself. 

In creating a second seminary, Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron not only showed that the Archdiocese of Agana is more than able to support itself, he showed that we are even able to support two seminaries, one of which is actually a missionary seminary which imports and pays to educate more seminarians per capita than any other diocese in the United States. 

In my Jan 03, 2014 letter to CES president, Fr. Jack Wall, I argued that the Archdiocese of Agana could not be both a mission diocese (in need of outside assistance) and host a burgeoning seaside palace of a missionary seminary at the same time. 

It appeared they agreed, and CES funding has been cut, and by next year, will be cut to nothing. Of course we never knew what they did with all that money either. 

• Read my first exposition of the "mission diocese" ruse here: NO LONGER A MISSION DIOCESE

• Read my letter to the CES president here: LETTER TO CATHOLIC EXTENSION SOCIETY This letter contained 104 pages of exhibits. 

Now before you get all hostile about taking your money away, remember it was Archbishop Apuron who bragged to the pope about how great Guam was doing and how we are doing so well that we can even support two seminaries. So to take that money when we really did not qualify was lying and stealing. In the real world, executives like Apuron would go to jail for that kind of thing. Meanwhile, cold and hungry children on Indian reservations in the Dakotas will have a little more to eat today. 

It really is amazing what you can accomplish just by telling the truth, isn't it. 

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