Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It's time to talk frankly about the use of the JP2 seminarians to solicit support for the Appeal.

There is no doubt that each of these men are sincere in their desire to be ordained diocesan priests for the Archdiocese of Agana.

However, their sincerity does not turn the institution that purports to train them for the priesthood into a credible institution, nor does the sincerity of those who support their vocations.

None of us would send our son or daughter to an institution of higher learning without having some evidence that the institution is in fact what it purports itself to be. 

This is all we are asking.

The Blessed Diego Institute's only claim to academic credibility is its affiliation with the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome. The affiliation was originally granted on June 05, 2007. The letter from the Lateran acknowledging the affiliation is posted on the BDI website.

In 2012, the affiliation was supposedly renewed. I say supposedly because there is no document posted on the BDI website documenting that renewal. 

Also, in December of 2013, Bishop Enrico dal Covolo, SDB, rector of the Lateran, visited BDI. The full nature of the visit was never disclosed, but we would have to presume that it had to do with the status of the affiliation. 

At the very least, all we are asking for is the documentation of the 2012 renewal of the affiliation with the Lateran. 

Sadly, if we have learned one thing over these last two years, it is that we cannot trust Archbishop Apuron to tell us the truth. So we must demand documentation. 

If BDI is capable of posting the original documentation of the affiliation on its website, it certainly is capable of posting a copy of the renewal of that affiliation. 

But it hasn't. 

And until it does we should withhold our contributions no matter who asks for them. Because if the people at BDI are lying to us about the affiliation with the Lateran, why are we even permitting them to teach our sons?


  1. In the first place, the BDI should be archdiocesan not neo.

    1. And ultimately that's the issue. Even if there is proof of the current affiliation, the professors are all neo and their only goal is to create more neos. There is no getting around it.

      It should be said here that Richard Kidd stood up for the truth and so did Aaron Quitugua. Both were made to pay a heavy price.

  2. if someone out there has enough connections into rome, and/or has good journalistic savvy, that person can expedite a request for documentation from the lateran itself. that info would be most definitive, for sure.

  3. I fully agree that until we, the Catholic Faithful, who have been supporting the RMS over many years receives definitive proof that a properly administered and accredited seminary is being operated, then donations to the Annual Appeal should be discontinued. For many years the Catholic Faithful have blindly trusted that Archbishop Apuron has been doing the right thing in opening and developing a new major seminary for Guam, believing that it would form and educate local and regional men desiring to become diocesan priests. Now it has come to light that the RMS has brought in foreign men from non-English speaking countries to be accommodated and educated as seminarians at the expense of the people of Guam. How many of these seminarians are local? Very few. It has become very clear and evident that the RMS is a seminary that forms and educates seminarians in the Neocatechumal Way and not to become diocesan priests. This all has to come to a STOP and if necessary close down the RMS and revert back to the way our local men were previously educated to become priests and that is, send them to an off-island accredited seminary supported by the Annual Appeal. I, therefore, appeal to our Guam Catholic Faithful to come to the realization of what is happening to our beloved local church and take a stand. Do Not Support the Archdiocese's Annual Appeal!!

  4. Besides providing legitimate documents which would give definitive proof of accreditation, a written document should also be required proving and assuring that all JP2 seminarians are being formed and trained to become diocesan priests and NOT to become neo priests.

    Currently, the JP2 seminarians are receiving and undergoing a neo seminarian formation (no different from the training and formation that the neo seminarians are getting) therefore, that is reason enough NOT TO GIVE to nor support this annual appeal -- whether the RMS in Yona is accredited or not.

  5. Indeed, 10:01. The loyal and faithful Catholic have been duped and lied to regarding this issue. Apuron has not been a good steward of people's hard-earned money. His arrogance and materialistic personality is so out of touch with the struggles of ordinary Catholics he is charged to nurture. He has sold his will to the NCW, and for what? Does he not realize that the damages of his reckless sellout will reverberate in decades to come? He does not deserve the position of Guam Archbishop. He has squandered the legacy of those who sacrificed life and limb to nurture the faith in Guam. Ta'i mamahlao este na pale' yan mantristi todu i taotao tano'. Hafa ilek-niha gi ufisinan Santo Papa?