Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Probably in response to my post about the requirement in the Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way to obey the norms established for the celebration of the Easter Vigil (only one celebration per parish), The Diana has this to say:

  1. Diana speaks..."I highly doubt that the NCW was supposed to follow the Easter Vigil of the parish, but rather that we were the example and role model that the parishes were supposed to follow. As the Statutes stated, "the Neocatechumenate will stimulate the parish to have a richer celebration of the Paschal Vigil". It was not the other way around. "
The Diana is parroting what Archbishop Apuron publicly proclaimed back in 2006 on Fr. Mike's radio show on KOLG. Let's listen in.

FMC is Fr. Mike Crisostomo, the host of the show. ABA is Archbishop Apuron.

You can read the whole transcript here and listen to it here.

We enter the conversation during the discussion of Holy Thursday and the Easter Vigil:

FMC: So then the other question that came up... because we shared that and they said that, well, how about during Holy Thursday...you have your own separate (Holy Thursday liturgy)...and in one incident the caller said that during the Last Supper, during their Holy Thursday service, they were told to move out of the church because the NCW was coming in to do their Holy Thursday service. So these parishioners were being pushed out while the others...

ABA: Well, they’re not supposed to interfere really with any parish activity that’s happening. But again you have to admire them that if this is a devotional thing that they do...and what they do is they repeat the washing of the feet, and in fact what they do is every member washes every member’s feet.

[So here we have the Archbishop plainly telling us that the NCW is a different church with a different magisterium. He tells us that in the NCW "every member washes every member's feet." Yet, in his rules for the rest of us he states:

"The Washing of the Feet During Mass – is to be done by the presiding priest in order to preserve the principal symbolism of the priest (representing Christ) acting in humble service to his Apostles. As such, no more than twelve pairs of feet should be washed. It is not permissible to have any mutual foot-washing, nor any sort of large communal hand/foot-washing during the Mass. The Roman Missal specifically indicates that men are to be chosen, as the representatives of the Apostles, to have their foot washed (See ibid. no. 11)." - Regulations for Lent and Easter, 2015 published in the U Matuna and on the archdiocesan website.]

FMC: And is that open to others to come in and join?

ABA: Yes. And we’re spreading the word around. You cannot say you’re not invited. If you’re Catholics, even non-Catholic, even some non-Catholics sneak in....

[And given what we know about the NCW teaching on the Eucharist, we can assume that even non-Catholics will participate in communion, with the Archbishop himself distributing????]

FMC: So then one caller called in...and in one parish, I don’t know if it was Tamuning they referred to, they said they closed the shutters, they closed the blinds, and it’s as if it’s secret and they don’t want anyone else to know.

ABA: Maybe not to be distracted because sometimes there are other things going on outside the church. I mean like any normal place, if you can cut down the distraction it would be a lot better, but I don’t think any....the fact, for safety reasons you don’t even lock the doors for fire emergency. You leave the doors open to move out quickly as we’ve seen already...where people are locked into bars and there’s two hundred people and there’s no emergency exit and they get all burned to death because nobody can get out.

[This is when I began thinking that AAA was losing his mind. Really? From a simple question about "closing the blinds" to people getting "all burned to death because nobody can get out." !!!!!]

FMC: And that’s the reason why I’ve heard why they have the celebrations at the hotel, so as not to interfere with the parish activities that are going on . Is that right...

ABA: Right. Well that’s part of it. They usually have...ask for permission, I mean even youth retreats, confirmation retreats, Cursillos, uh, the Legionnaires, wherever they go, these special retreats or weekends or whatever....

FMC: But, Bishop, this high point, the church year, this Catholic Faith year, the Easter, the Triduum, where we gather as a community, because like for the Chrism Mass we have  one Chrism Mass and we gather, and the whole theological aspect of us gathering as a parish community, really celebrating as a parish, in that parish model, celebrating the Triduum, and the Easter, but then we hear this community having their own celebration of Easter and the Triduum...

[Okay, get ready for it. Here it comes!]

ABA: Because they want to celebrate it with the fullness of the Easter Triduum, especially the Easter Vigil.

FMC: So that means...

ABA: So all the nine readings, all the admonitions, the echoes as they call it, every third, after the three readings. So that takes a whole morning. So you don’t want to impose this on the whole parish.

FMC: So the perception then is what we’re doing in the parish is not fullness of the Easter Vigil?

ABA: Uh, I mean you’re doing what is required by the universal church which is fine.

FMC: Because that’s what other saying “why do they do it that way? and how come we are not then experiencing the fulness of the Easter...

ABA: They’re always welcome. I mean I do it myself. I go to the regular parish and there’s people to be baptized, confirmed, and received into the fulness of the church, I do that. And when that’s done, then I go and do the other one.

[So there you have it, friends. We are "always welcome" to participate in the "fullness of the Easter Vigil" by (like the Archbishop) hurrying out of our parish celebrations and hurrying over to the Neo one - wherever that is. So this is what Diana means. She means exactly what the Archbishop has been demonstrating and teaching for 20 years: the Neos have the "fullness of the faith", the rest of us are just poor shlubs.

Seriously, Archbishop, have the integrity to simply leave us to our "incomplete" faith and run off and live happily ever after with your community. And have the decency to stop publishing norms for the rest of us since you yourself obviously reject them.]

[P.S. As mentioned several times on this blog, few of us regular Catholics have any credibility in accusing the neos of liturgical abuses. Many non-neo Holy Thursday celebrations will witness this multiple washing of feet the way the Neo's do it. So let's get our own house in order then maybe we might be more effective.]

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