Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Recently, a prominent member of the NCW met with members of the CCOG in what was apparently an effort to get the CCOG to back off on its call for no more money unless there is accountability and transparency. 

The CCOG asked to see a roster of formators and instructors for RMS (and Blessed Diego Institute) along with their credentials. They also asked to see the financial information that Archbishop Apuron had promised would be released by RMS last July. 

In response, the member of the NCW sent the CCOG a copy of the pope's speech to the Neocatechumenal Way earlier this month. 


Translation: "You have no right to question us. The pope loves us."

Our reply: Fine. NO MONEY. 

On the same subject, I recently received the following comment.

  1. Hey Tim have you seen this video of the Neos and Pope Francis? My Italian is very poor but it seems like he is giving these people carte blanche...WHY?!?!


I have to assume that this is another attempt by an impostor to use this blog (since it has such a huge readership) for neo-propaganda. I have to assume that this was sent by an impostor because on this blog we have already more than addressed the pope's message here, here, and here. So any regular reader or supporter of this blog would know this. 

Here's a summary, though:

In the pope's talk to members of the Neocatechumenal Way in Rome on March 6, 2015, Pope Francis:

  1. Makes it clear that he did NOT call the meeting.
  2. Makes it clear that he is NOT personally sending the "missionaries" anywhere.
  3. Makes it clear that he is not happy with the shenanigans of the NCW leadership by joking that he was "paid" to show up. 
  4. Makes it clear that the "missionaries" are supposed to go to non-Christian lands (not to Catholic parishes like ours). 

Because he knows that there are many sincere people in the NCW and not everyone is a crook like Kiko, he offers the sort of encouraging words which he gives to every group which seeks his blessing.

In short, while he blasts the legs out from under Kiko (you have only to see Kiko's face at the moment the pope jokes about getting paid), he reminds the members of exactly what their Statute constitutes them to do, which by the way does not include:
  • the public abuse of priests
  • the locking of pastors out of their parishes
  • the public slandering of a layperson and his family
  • the abuse of the liturgy
  • the defrauding of the Catholic faithful of millions of dollars
  • the theft of archdiocesan property
  • the elimination of an authentic diocesan priesthood ("In this archdiocese the diocesan priesthood is no more." - Fr. Adrian to Richard Kidd)
  • the molestation of minors
  • the hiding of clerics who are credibly accused of the sexual abuse of minors (Wadeson and Camacho)
And that's just for starters. 

Motivated by the impertinence of this constant "in your face", "screw you, the pope loves us" attack on Guam's many faithful Catholics, and likewise motivated by their deep concern for their individual parishes, we propose the following course of action:

Instead of putting any money in the collection basket or making any contribution of any kind to any parish or diocesan call for funds, submit the following Warrant. A PDF can be downloaded here. Make copies and share.


Know ye all men  by these presents:

To:  Father/Msgr ___________

This warrant is redeemable for $________.00 upon presentation to the undersigned no later than ten (10) days after the Archbishop of Agaña has made a full and complete public report of all archdiocesan finances and exhibited documentation showing that the unencumbered fee simple title of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary is the patrimony of the Archdiocese of Agaña.

This warrant is not transferrable.

Name (print): _____________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________

Date: __________________ 
Parishioner of ________________________parish


  1. They do not have the credentials. As far as the financial statement on the RMS, they won't even provide that. No accountability - sad.....
    Pedro Santos

  2. Don't give the church money then... the church does not need it.

  3. In other words, to APURON and his partners in crime : PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

  4. This is BRILLIANT!

  5. The Neos are getting desperate. The money flow is merely a trickle now that the Guam Catholic community is undergoing turmoil, thanks to Tony and the Neo invaders. Let's reduce the trickle even more to the point where only a few drops (coming from local Neos) go the Annual Appeal. WE'RE WINNING!!

    1. It's not a matter of winning or losing, but rather about Justice and accountability for ALL the people of God,

    2. Fr.Matthew Blockley.April 1, 2015 at 11:56 AM

      Correct 10.55am. justice accountability..

  6. Matthew 21:12-13 says:
    12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

    13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

    Kiko has turned the Church into a place of business and AAA and the rest of his cronies have abused the Word of God to manipulate the weak for their personal interest and that interest is in their bank accounts. Get out while you can before our Lord comes down and tears them apart!

  7. The lack of accountability is just mind-boggling! A dutifully prepared report is standard operational procedure for any organization that uses funds it does not harness. The problem with greedy apuron is that he thinks he is entitled to donations from people, just like when his secretary demands immediate payment when a parish forgets to send in an honorarium after a Fiesta Mass or a Confirmation. It is all about his cut and not the spiritual presence of a father to a parish thst he envisions ministry. The proposed warrant on this item is a perfect way to give him a message that he cannot demand money for his nefarious purposes. It should send a message that to get your hand on people's hard-earned money requires due dilligence and accounting. It sends a message that he should not treat church resources as if it his personal treasury. Money given in trust is money for the legitimate work of the church. RMS and these other stupid projects have failed miserably and do not deserve the support of the Guam Catholic Faith Community. I repeat, this annual appeal is another insult to our intelligence and should not be encouraged.

  8. The Warrant maybe can be printed in the form of a dollar bill with the information on it so it will fit in the parish envelope nice and snug.

  9. Novel idea Tim. But before anyone actually tries this, perhaps a knowledgeable attorney could advise whether this becomes a binding contract. First, there is no expiration. Second, it does not clearly define what a full and complete financial report must contain. The chancery could easily publish another review and say it fulfilled the requirement. It could also simply amend the deed restriction to replace Apuron's name to the archdiocese of agana without materially altering the restriction so long as Apuron remains in office.

    I for one will hang on to my donations until I am fully satisfied that the true finances have established what the RMS and NCW operating expenses are and how much of it is funded by local contributions, that the title to the Yona property is vested totally in the archdiocese of agana free and clear, and that it no longer be used for the purposes of neo formation. Only then will I consider contributing and only if I still have it to give at that time. Folks, it's your money on your terms. There are plenty other charitable organizations that do God's real work that can put your donations to good use.

    1. The legal language could be endless. Perhaps just add the words "to my satisfaction". The idea is to send the message over and over again.

    2. This year I will donate to the "Me, Myself, & I Benevolent Fund" and take that vacation I've been putting off. After all, charity begins at home.

  10. You don't know Italian and what the Pope's blesses and confirm if you don't agree with it and then your are not CATHOLIC. capisci?

    1. LOL. fool. I read the English translation. Capisce?

    2. 4:43 AM, SEI UNO STRONZO!

    3. Intro to neo-think: Only Italians and those that "know" Italian can be Catholic. Look maw, no hands! Probably best if you didn't try to think for yourself guy. People might try to take advantage of you. O wait, too late.

    4. Apologies to 7:14 AM. At first I thought you were referring to my comment. It's a lot of work keeping up with whose talking to who, and usually I am the one who is being called the names. Thanks for the defense though.

    5. We need a call to Archbishop Krebs and Rome for a moratorium on ordaining of men from RMS until A review is done, citing the various problems with the presbyters coming out of there going all the way back to the priest who refused Christian burial to a baptized catholic, the water boarding of babies at baptism, it just goes on and on.
      A second point is why is this archdiocese funding a non diocesan seminary, when we don't even have a diocesan one? Sorry JP II is not a true seminary until faculty, curiculum is permanently in place.

    6. Fr.Matthew Blockley.April 1, 2015 at 11:58 AM

      Guam does not have an authentic seminary for the formation of Catholic Priests. Period. It is a joke for the international church.