Friday, April 10, 2015



  1. As I mentioned in the 1st letter to Chief Bordallo, the people of Guam will have a pretty good idea if the rumors are true or not, about the alignment of Chief Bordallo and a few of his top cadre with the Archbishop.
    Rumors are rumors, but like the adage smartly underline, "there is no smoke without fire".
    If Mr Bordallo and some of the cadre of the GPD have been compromised, by their close friendship with Mr Santo Tomas, who is the main " to go to, fixer" for the Arch, then the tax payer of the island have the right to know about it.
    Actually, if this is the case, it raises several questions of ethics in this office, and the governor should most likely get involved to know the truth, and make sure the GPD has not been the subject of undue influence.
    By his continued silence, and avoidance, Chief Bordallo just re-enforce these rumors and bring into question his suitability to continue in his post.

    1. Santo Tomas OFF ISLAND for quite a while now. REMOTE CONTROL. Clever

  2. ever wonder if the governor isn't a neo?
    cabinet members (finance 'wiz') various board appointees
    he never says 'boo' about the neo's
    wouldn't surprise me

    'chief' bordallo's first cousin is that neo-nut jonathan bordallo
    chief still rubbing his ass from the frying he got from the legislature.
    he's on the same footing as the arch and should resign right along with him

    1. No, the governor is not a neo and it would be completely inappropriate for him to say anything about the neo, "boo" or otherwise.