Thursday, April 9, 2015


From the Archdiocese of Agana website under Seminary:

  1. Aukusotino Alailesulu
  2. Fernando Amaya
  3. Joseph Cabana
  4. Gabriel Camacho
  5. Pedro Durango Agudelo
  6. Eduardo Andres Guerrero Torrez
  7. José Santos Hernandez Mejía
  8. Keone Hurdle
  9. Viane Ilimaleota
  10. Edmond Ilg
  11. Cesar Javier Izaguirre Gonzlaez
  12. Eneliko Lamositele
  13. Leaega Leaega
  14. Tavete Maugautega
  15. Matteo Matarazzo
  16. Andrew Meisake
  17. Martin Muñoz
  18. Tawaia Natibu
  19. K. Paul O’Really
  20. Preston Daniel Perez
  21. Frenel Phanord
  22. Andrew Ramirez
  23. Christian David Ruiz Quntero
  24. José Angel Salinas Garcia
  25. Karoro Temate
  26. Andy Andrew Wilson
  27. Ashton Wong
  28. Motua Batiara
  29. Teeta Timanako

On itinerancy:
  1. Wilmen Chirini Gonzalez
  2. Alfonso Jordan Escamilla
  3. Juan Alberto Gomez Franyutti
  4. Drazen Hosi
  5. Darren Santo Tomas
  6. Victor Vitug
Dear seminarians at the so-called St. John Paul II Seminary, not only are your names not listed, your "seminary" isn't even listed. 


  1. What happened to the Arriola boy that was sent to Florida? Is he still a seminarian?

    1. Janet B - MangilaoApril 9, 2015 at 9:00 PM

      Tony gave him up to the seminary in Florida. In our lingo it means when he becomes a oriest it will be in Florida and we will never have him back.
      It was considered a great sacrifice.
      What crap!

    2. Never mind, as young as the guarantor is, he had already been brainwashed. Stay in Florida. It's hot there too.

  2. The John Paul II Seminary is listed under "seminary" in the website. It just the names of the seminarians that are not listed.

    1. Nope. Go to Hover over Seminary and you get RMS and Blessed Diego. No John Paul II. Click on seminary and all you get is RMS.

  3. Sister Anna, RIP used to do all the immigration work. If they are paying an immigration lawyer now.....can someone do the math?? AND, if crappy school is not accredited, how can they get proper visas?????? Huh? The former vice rector....the one before HAROLD, said when he came to Guam ...." I hate Gringos". Archbishop replied, " we are not Gringos, we are Chamorros, and you WILL learn to love us." brilliant. Heard at Gala Dinner before I saw the LIGHT

  4. Scary part? 98 o/o will be ordained here!! Every Church entity will be neo in five years.

  5. Yes, but heard he is a guarantor for the new neo seminary there! So maybe he now belongs to the bishop there?

    1. Cool. A kid as a guarantor. What next, pray tell?

  6. This is seriously depressing news. We all know it exists, but it is hitting us in the face that the future is very bleak if something doesn't happen soon.

  7. You are missing quite a few names, Tim! Each of these guys was a seminarian here at one time:

    1. Jun Acebuche, Philippines
    2. Daniel Herrera, USA (I heard he has a story to tell.)
    3. Felix Babuata, Guam
    4. William de Guzman, Guam
    5. Osman Urueta Ortiz, Colombia
    6. Joshua Aglubat, Guam
    7. Luis Tapia Ortega, Ecuador
    8. James Arriola, Guam
    9. Peter Daniel Perez, Guam
    10. James O'Riordan, Ireland
    11. Giovanni Uisse, Italy
    12. Vincenezo Acamparo, Italy
    13. Kodia Zidago, Ivory Coast
    14. Juan Jose Hernandez Sandoval, Mexico
    15. Joselito Sangoyo, Philippines
    16. Michal Niemierski, Poland
    17. Jesus Garcia Yelo, Spain
    18. Endrit Emiro Urbina Perdomo, Venezuela
    19. Gabriel Ramos, Venezuela

    Where are they now? Dropped out? Escaped?

    1. There was a Giovanni who fell in love in Europe and left the seminary. I don't know if he also left the NCW. I don't know if he's the same Giovanni listed above.

    2. Best of luck you guys, wherever you are. How's it going Daniel?? And you are all welcome. We were happy to take care of your every need while you were here. That's just how we are! Yep.

    3. Guzman still an itinerant.

    4. What happened to. Frend???

    5. Peter, brother to Preston, fell in love too. If he's not married yet, he will be soon!

    6. If William de Guzman is still an itinerant, then why isn't he on the "official" list of seminarians?

    7. Because he is not a seminarian. He is a wanderer upon the earth evangelizing . Does he support himself? Who knows.

    8. Anyone concerned about one seminarian who became a public figure by proclaiming his conquests of women? Not mentioning anyone by name.

    9. Fr. Matthew Blockley.April 10, 2015 at 12:49 PM

      Unbelievable that any level headed bishop for practical reasons alone would even consider Incardinating this number of priests into a small island diocese like Guam. From the perspective of finances alone it is simply unacceptable to expect Guam Catholics to pay for all this . makes no sense. .

    10. Anonymous 9:24 a.m. I am very concerned about the seminarian who proclaimed his conquests of women. I could never respect such a person as a priest, especially since he didn't sound remorseful. I would never approach such a person as a priest. I would caution children and young women to avoid him. He is a "poster child" for why no one should contribute to the "seminary." Considering the values and behavior of his brother, birds of a feather...

    11. Janet B - MangilaoApril 11, 2015 at 5:37 AM

      But it's all ok because they blame it all on their dad. What family values have they all learned from ncw-Kiko? People, it's time to call these fruits to task. There can be no reconciliation until all these idiots find some other community to infest. Anywhere but the Marianas.

  8. The factory is churning away. Presbyters, presbyters, presbyters, ,presbyters, presbyters, presbyters, presbyters. Local clergy completely outnumbered. Victory for Kiko, victory for call me Tony! Wait! How is the Annual Appeal going. IF it is not sufficient, guess Arch will have to close JP II Seminary. Well, he tried. But we didn't contribute. OUR fault. Wait.

    1. What are the facts?? How many neo presbyters do we have here and how many local priests still active? Stats, anyone?

    2. Will there be a nice photo of Arch A bishop and Kiko? Just like the one with Pope Francis? Full color splashed on cover page od U Matuna? Cuz, I wanna frame it.

    3. Appeal 250,000? That is NOT REALISTIC. The sum is much more than that. Joke

  9. Fr.Matthew Blockley.April 10, 2015 at 1:17 AM

    Archbishop Apuron. I'm hearing you spent your Holy week spreading untruths about myself.

    May I ask you to kindly shut your mouth . I have contacted Archbishop Krebs today to inform him of your latest vicious attacks.

  10. Everyone from AAA to the Pope is responsible for allowing this cancer to grow on our island, and if none of them have the courage to correct things, then I lose faith in the Catholic Church. Not God, but the leaders of His Church here on Earth.

    1. Well then Satan wins. Because it doesn't matter how he keeps you from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, just so long as he does.

    2. Each individual is responsible for his/her Faith And Salvation through the teachings of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Errant church leaders and faithful will answer to God Almighty. Fortes in Fide!!

    3. Tim @ 9:09,

      I understand your point..I did not mean to lose faith in God or to abandon the church. I'm only referring to the leaders of the Church. The bottom line is that we can't rely on people from foreign lands to fix our problems.


  11. i don't think you have to worry, Fr. Matthew. Everybody in Rome knows Apuron only tells lies.

  12. There are some comments about individual seminarians that I'm not going to publish. Sorry.

  13. The Diocese of Madison Wisconsin is currently undergoing a historic newsworthy campaign to raise $30 million to educate 33 priests. The Diocese has 270,000 Catholics. Think about it. Guam is educating 29 priests (plus the few at John ST. Paul II) with an island population of 160,000 (not all Catholic). Who is paying to educate these men? Guam’s Catholics and a what expense?

    1. Fr.Matthew Blockley.April 10, 2015 at 2:00 PM

      Archdiocese of Agana is a deeply divided troubled Church countless souls are now suffering as a result of the failed leadership of Anthony Apuron. A dangerous and callous leadership which I believe has endangered the salvation of Christ's Holy Church. The church is for the salvation of souls. Anthony has not only divided the church he has led souls to abandon the faith and join born again churches. entire region of Guam Saipan needs a solid and holy episcopal leadership . poverty of spirit, poverty of the absence of God is now so frightening I am beginning to wonder if we do need to expel the names of demons.

  14. Fr. Matthew Blockley.April 10, 2015 at 12:57 PM

    Best thing seminarians of the perceived John Paul 11 seminary can do is to leave Guam and seek sponsorship from Bishops who sincerely care about vocations. There are bishops ready to sponsor and assign you to established seminaries. you guys are simply pawns being used in a game . Frankly what ever courses you are studying at present many not even be credited in established seminaries. Wasting your time hovering around a decayed archdiocese which has no leadership.

    1. Fr. Matthew, I completely agree with you regarding this. These men are pawns, being used in a twisted game of the NCW. JPII Seminary was "set up" so people would shut up. All deceitful tactics. In fact, the Annual Appeal does not state that donations will go to RMS or JPII. It simply says one of the purposes is "Supporting the formation of our FUTURE PRIESTS, and God's active work in the SALVATION OF SOULS." (all cap letters not exaggerated) More lies. Future priests? They mean presbyters. They lied to Aaron Quitugua, who refused to be manufactured into their making, and they continue to lie to us.
      I do have a question though - how would they find bishops who would sponsor them, considering they may want to be ordained for Guam? If we don't ordain our local men, we will be completely ransacked by the presbyters who speak heresy and hang out their dirty laundry with their sex issues.
      Archbishop Krebs, if you are reading this, is there a way to help our local men so that Guam maintains traditional diocesan priests? What can we do?

    2. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaApril 10, 2015 at 9:57 PM

      If I understand the process correctly, should the seminarians who are living at the John Paul II Seminary seek — and receive — sponsorship from an off-island bishop, they will have to be ordained for the (arch)diocese of the bishop who sponsors them. They will not be ordained for their island home. This is why it is imperative for AAA to sponsor them to study at an accredited, legitimate off-island seminary. To keep them on island, where they continue to receive formation along with the future NCW presbyters does a horrible injustice to them. As has been repeatedly pointed out, the John Paul II "seminary" is no more than a BOARDING HOUSE for the non-NCW seminarians.

  15. More like a war zone.