Sunday, April 5, 2015


For nearly two years I have enjoyed receiving insults, attacks, and sneering, snotty comments of every kind. I can't say that I enjoyed the similar attack on my wife and children, but they served the same purpose. 

I say "enjoyed" because those comments validate all my efforts and probably account for much of the enormous traffic on this blog. Of course attacking the messenger is what one does when one cannot discredit the message. 

I have regularly shared many of these insults and attacks as proof of who we are dealing with, proof of the rot that invades a soul the closer one gets to Kiko's sick inner orbit: Apuron, Quitugua the VG, and Adrian the Chancellor being Exhibit A.

As you know, I often intellectually engage these rabid and spiritually deformed souls, seeing their slobbering, foaming at the mouth rantings as opportunities. 

As they continued their descent into hell, I had some fun with them, turning their words on their cowardly selves and punctuating their panting ramblings with an LOL or a "yawn". 

However, as of today (maybe because it's Easter and I'm tired of small things), I am officially bored with these sad and pathetic people and their narcissistic fetish for garbage. 


If any of you haters want to intellectually and factually discredit any of the information I post on this blog then feel free to do so. Otherwise, your trash will go in the trash. I have bigger things to do, and I'm sure the decent people who are in the Neocatechumenal Way will be relieved that I will no longer provide a forum for you to discredit them. You can do that on The Dianas blog. 

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