Saturday, May 30, 2015


The comment referencing the KIKO-mantra "God will provide", when what really happens is that good and faithful Catholics are defrauded into providing for the KIKO'S, reminds me of the following story:

  • A young lady brings home her fiancee from college to meet her parents. 
  • The girl's father decides to have a heart to heart with the young man about how he intends to provide for his daughter. 
  • Upon asking the young man if he has a job, he replies, "no."
  • How then do you plan to provide for my daughter?
  • "God will provide", he says.
  • Do you plan to have children?
  • Yes, says the young man.
  • How do you plan to support them?
  • "God will provide", he replies.
  • The line of questioning continued and each time the young man answered "God will provide." 
  • Finally the father gets up and goes to the other room where is wife is ironing.
  • "Well, how did it go?", she asked.
  • "I like him", say the father. "He thinks I'm God." 

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