Saturday, May 30, 2015


The comment referencing the KIKO-mantra "God will provide", when what really happens is that good and faithful Catholics are defrauded into providing for the KIKO'S, reminds me of the following story:

  • A young lady brings home her fiancee from college to meet her parents. 
  • The girl's father decides to have a heart to heart with the young man about how he intends to provide for his daughter. 
  • Upon asking the young man if he has a job, he replies, "no."
  • How then do you plan to provide for my daughter?
  • "God will provide", he says.
  • Do you plan to have children?
  • Yes, says the young man.
  • How do you plan to support them?
  • "God will provide", he replies.
  • The line of questioning continued and each time the young man answered "God will provide." 
  • Finally the father gets up and goes to the other room where is wife is ironing.
  • "Well, how did it go?", she asked.
  • "I like him", say the father. "He thinks I'm God." 


  1. The KIKOs instruct their communities that in all things "God will provide", however one should recall Jesus's response to his last temptation in the desert -- that "you should not put the Lord, your God, to the test."

    1. Right. God doesn't provide. The Kiko's are wrong. God doesn't provide. He only helps those who help themselves.

    2. God does provide, and often in ways we do not understand at the time. However, with the Kiko's it is Apuron who provides by stealing from his flock.

  2. Sure, the Lord will provide! Just like the Lord provides certain NCW members with the privileges of having Pius say the masses for their deceased ones.

    Attended mass services this week at San Vicente in Barrigada only to find out that Pius has been saying the mass. Why? Take a good hard guess!

    Pius, it seems that you puck and choose which members of the NCW deserve your gracious presence by being the celebrant! Treat all equally! You do for one you best do for all! I guess the rest of the lower level members do not deserve your services....ONLY THE ELITE!

    1. 11.09am. Very important detail. He only wants to say mass for people who will give him substantial sums of money for Mass. Very often this amount to $500 for Mass. Very elitest priest or perhaps the word is a snob. He has no love for the poor only the rich. Guess he learnt from Apuron.

  3. Making fun of god now!!

    1. Gotcha, Tim. Part about Pope Benedict a little off , haaa

      AnonymousMay 31, 2015 at 1:30 AM
      Thank you Diana for pointing out the fact that Tim had this all planned out. I like especially that you noted about the hoarding of the KOLG recording.
      There are a few things that I also wanted to point out. First of all, the traditionalist community on Guam was very saddened when Pope Benedict stepped down. Pope Benedict was showing signs of turning the church back to pre-vatican II liturgy. Restoring the Latin Rite, actually giving back the permission for any Priest to celebrate a Latin Mass anytime was the first move and they were looking forward to more but with the change of Pope their hopes were diminished.
      We all have to remember too that Patti works for the media. Her job forces her to sell stories. All she has to do is speculate scandal and it sells.
      There are many truths that never make it to junglewatch and the reason is apparent, it will compromise the integrity of that blog.
      Last year, we had a vocational meeting with Kiko in Manila is it only coincidence that Msgr. James was in Manila at the same time. We were accused of staying and spending so much money at the expensive Shangri La Hotel. This wasnt true. I bet Msgr. James was the one who stayed at the Shangri La or better yet maybe he stayed at the InterCon Hotel. By the way, at our departure gate at Manila Msgr. James was in line also, along with his head altar boy. I guess the Cathedral can publish a detailed expense report on the credit card charges if people want to see the truth. Everyone knows about the perks of serving at the Cathedral, iPhones, iPads etc. and they have the audacity to criticize the Bishops spending.
      Lastly, it has and always will be about the money. These critics of the way dont have any problems making money off of us. Where do we send our brothers to buy their Jerusalem Bible and Biblical Dictionaries?

    2. LOL. Yes, please publish the expense report, and make sure you show all the time Msgr. James paid Apuron's bill at the Shangri-La. P.S. You don't really want to piss off Patti.

    3. ANON @7:40AM, You are a coward and don't understand the facts.....Monsignor James Benavente is a better priest (Bridge Maker; one that brings God to those around him and brings the people to God through his words and actions) than anyone of your NEOCAT Presbyters.. With Archbishop Apuron's retirement in five years, your NEOCAT leaders needed to destroy this holy and charismatic man from becoming Guam's next spiritual leader. Just like AAA, your continued lies and deception continues to backfire on your face as the truth of the Cathedral Basilica's finances are well documented with facts. Take your pathetic lies with you as you face the fires of hell for trying to incriminate a holy and religious man of the cloth. Monsignor James is more of a holy and religious man than any of your NEO/NCW Cult Presbyters. JOY!!!


  4. Not to worry Tim. The Hotel bills for the Makati Shangri La Hotel were obtained a long time ago. Those bills with room number, Name, and $ amounts all sent to Rome. Monsignor James spent thousands of USD paying for his boss.


  5. The spending of Archbishop in Manila is shocking thousands of $ are spent in high end hotels and purchasing watches and luxury items. So when we read a letter asking for money it becomes a joke. may be he needs a new Cartier watch.

  6. Tim you only wanna publish what you want..........coward

    1. LOL. What a stupid comment. But then you're a kiko. So what else is there. LOL.


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