Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The next CCOG village meeting will be at Chalan Pago Community Center, next to the baseball field on May 7, at 6:00pm.  Please invite your family and friends.

Here are the directions to the Community Center  160 Chalan Huego

From Hagatna, head south on Route 4 (Chalan Pago). At the intersection (before Island Fresh) of Route 4 and Mai Mai Road, take a right at the signal light. Follow road until the next intersection ( Santa Cruz St. and Chilenko St.).  Take a right on Chilenko St. then a left on Chalan Huego.  You should be able to see the Community Center and the Jose U Atogue Baseball Field. Look for the signs for the baseball field.

Note. A reader advised:

...the letters on the street signs are soooooo faded BUT if, after turning right from Rt 4, you follow the road, there will be a green house on a hill on the right side and the turn to the ball field and CC on the left. There are "no entry" signs and an orange net-like barrier on the left side of the road after turning in from Rt 4 so there's no choice but to follow the road to the right. 


  1. Mr. Rohr;

    would it be possible to link a map or directions
    I found a (Jose U. Atoigue Ball Park) is this the place (google earth)
    sorry not familiar with island

    Thank You

  2. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaMay 5, 2015 at 4:50 PM

    I agree with Anonymous (May 5, 2015 at 2:57 PM) that directions to the meeting places would definitely help those of us who are not from the village(s) in which the meeting is being held. My friend and I had quite an adventure getting to the one at the Inarajan Community Center last week because of some confusion on the parts of the people who gave us directions. Eventually we found the place, but we took a couple of wrong turns along the way.

    In many villages, the community center is near the parish Church (Dededo, Toto, Mangilao and Inarajan). In other villages, the community center is some distance from the parish Church (Agana, Tamuning, Yigo). A general description, including a landmark — Agana's community center was described as being "across from the Agana Pool" — would be most helpful for this week's Chalan Pago meeting as well as future ones.

    I was told that, coming from Agana on Route 4, I should take the right turn at the stop light before Island Fresh — across from MaiMai Road — take another right turn and drive until I find the ball park on the left side. The community center would be nearby.

    If someone can verify these directions, I would be most appreciative. Thank you!

  3. A picture location with landmarks is worth a thousand words

  4. It will help if someone can put up a sign on the corner of street that leads to the community center.

  5. I like this one, signs on the corner of street, bright colored if possible. Thank's!

  6. If you're coming from Hagatna as you reach Ordot, the second traffic light, turn right, follow the road called Chalan Chilenko, you come to a sign that reads Chalan Huego - make that turn into Chalan Huego, then the baseball field is right near the Community Center.