Thursday, May 14, 2015


Pope Benedict XVI said the NCW Mass was to be open to all. It is also said that Communion on the tongue (the NORM) cannot be denied to anyone. Yet, try to receive Communion on the tongue at their Mass; they tell you to find another Mass.

Sadly, the neos are no different than many non-neo priests, who though they may not send you to another Mass, clearly show their displeasure at having to place the host on your tongue. Some even "frisbee" it in. Yet these same priests complain about the neos. 


  1. "Heavens to Murgatroyd", how does one receive communion on the tongue when the presbyter, himself didn't consume yet? "Exit, stage left.".. ...THE PINK PANTHER

  2. Anonymous May 14 2015 3:19PM
    Exactly, they can't - that is why the NCW should be following what is in the approved Liturgical Books so that the Mass is open to ALL like Pope Benedict said it should be. Then the NORM of receiving on the tongue could not be denied anyone. Are we not one body?

  3. long before the neocat invasion, in my youth, as a parishioner at st anthony, the now-deceased fr antonio cruz used to insist on communion in the hand. at the time, i had recently immigrated from the p.i., where communion on the tongue was all we knew, and so i was taken aback when he refused to give me communion, telling me, "hands, please." may he rest in peace.

  4. Mighty strong invasion! Plus, Pat and who else. ???