Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Neo's standing during the consecration at Chalan Pago

In light of all the crap that has been wrought upon this diocese by a Neocatechumenal Way that thinks they can do whatever the hell they want, and especially in light of The Diana lecturing us about "obeying Pope Benedict" (LOL), it would be good to return to the warning Benedict gave the kiko dingbats back in 2011:

Pope offers support, caution for Neocatechumenal Way
Catholic World News - January 17, 2011

In a sign of support for the Neocatechumenal Way, Pope Benedict XVI held a private audience on January 17 for members of the controversial lay movement. But the Pope also offered words of caution, stressing that members of the Neocatechumenate must work with the bishops and obey the Church’s liturgical directives.

Kiko Arguello, the founder of the Neocatechumenal Way, shared the microphone with Pope Benedict at a commissioning ceremony, in which 230 members were sent out on missions, to organize new communities in “de-Christianized” areas. [Like Guam?]

Since its founding in Spain in 1964, the Neocatechumenal Way has attracted nearly 1 million members, and has active communities in 120 countries. While drawing high praise for its energy and its ability to foster vocations, the group has also encountered criticism for some of its practices. The liturgical practices of the Neocatechumenate have drawn a rebuke from the Vatican, which insisted on adherence to universal liturgical rules. And the Japanese bishops have charged that the group promotes division among the faithful.

Pope Benedict—who has regularly joined in the annual commissioning ceremonies—expressed his appreciation for the lay movement in his remarks to this year’s meeting. He said:

For more than forty years the Neocatechumenal Way has been contributing to the revitalization and consolidation of Christian initiation in dioceses and parishes, favoring a gradual but radical rediscovery of the riches of Baptism, helping people to savor divine life, the heavenly life which the Lord inaugurated with His incarnation, when He came among us and was born like one of us.
The Pope also drew attention to the official approvals that the Neocatechumenal Way has received from the Vatican: first for its internal statutes, and then for its own “Catechetical Directory of the NeoCatechumenal Way.”

Pope Benedict cautioned, however, that these “seals of ecclesiastical approval” should be a reminder that the lay movement should work within the framework of the Catholic hierarchy, “in filial obedience to the Holy See and the pastors of the Church.” Underlining that point, the Pontiff said that the movement should “insert itself into the harmony of the ecclesial body.”

“In this light,” the Pope said to the members of the Neocatechumenal Way, “I exhort you always to seek profound communion with pastors.”

So Pope Benedict WARNS the Kikobots to "obey the Church's liturgical directives." Hmmm, now why would he be doing that unless, the Kikobots were disobeying the liturgical directives (which we all know). Now why do they do that? I was reminded of The Zoltan's answer of a year ago which I will copy here:

Chuck, I told this also to Tim: our interpretation of the liturgical books allows us to follow contemplated consumption of the Eucharist, while your interpretation would not allow this. So this is a question of interpretation. We accept that differences in interpretation are possible. You should ask for an official confirmation for your interpretation from Rome. Unless you have this confirmation, we cannot accept it and just follow ours. We ask you to, please, respect our community based Catholic lifestyle.

So you see folks, the Neocatechumenal Way views the General Instruction of the Roman Missal as the General Suggestions of the Roman Missal. They are not bound to follow what the Church directs the rest of us to follow. Only Catholics are bound to follow those directives. Zoltan, Diana, Apuron and the rest of the Kikobots are not Catholics so no need for them to obey what the rest of us must obey. Rome's rules are simply to be interpreted to their liking. 


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