Friday, May 22, 2015


“Do not publicize your sufferings, or even your patience in suffering. It is only the God un-blessed projects that seek newspaper publicity. There is more wisdom, more power and promise of blessing in the instructions of Our Blessed Lord: ‘Say nothing to anyone.’"

- Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (Lent & Easter Reflections)

"Well, after many sufferings – we have always been persecuted because it is difficult to accept a charism from lay people - it is consolation that the Lord has given us." 

- Kiko Arguello (receiving the worldly recognition of an honorary doctorate)


  1. Hmmm, says no comment. Because that is the only response. Love to hear what the brothers think. Just goes to show that they don't think.

  2. This is the typical MO of a narcissist, They expect all to be dazzled by their greatness. They are so ready to trash, but feel persecuted if people do not provide the adoration they feel they deserve.

  3. I just saw this and thought it should be posted here, too! Here's another something to ponder from Pope Francis...

    Pope Francis says discussions within the Church are to seek unity and and it should not be a place where people are always clashing, betraying each other and forming lobbies to win their argument. He said the Holy Spirit helps bring change and moves things forward within the Church but at the same time it creates unity between all its members.

    Let us pray for unity and fidelity to the movement of the Holy Spirit within our Archdiocese.

    - See more at:

  4. So this is the face of a PHD!
    I gues it's true what I've been told...Petty, Horrible Dude
    in the case of Carmen, who looks absolutely thrilled...
    Petty, Horrible Dudette
    Works for me.
    Congrats to all have so much to be proud of!

  5. We are way past unification; this NEO-CULT needs to removed from our local churches.... We do not share anything in common with them....They need to stop using our churches and resources; let the,use their ill gotten money and build their own place of demonic worship. The only way to do this is to be united and stop the money....let a parish or two fall; maybe Rome will finally give in and replace NEO Presbyter AAA with a legitimate who will win the hearts and minds of his flock....This endless manipulation of endless lies and abuse to non-NEO priests must end now....Stay united and stop the money.

    1. I don't think Rome is on your side, Rome probably thinks you complain too much

  6. Janet B - MangilaoMay 22, 2015 at 3:03 PM

    Quick, everyone. Carmen getting ready to bust out with her rendition of KC and the Sunshine Band's
    "That's the WAY, uh huh uh huh, I like it. That's the WAY, uh huh uh huh, I'll take it!"

  7. They look older than their birthdays. Ewwww!

  8. Kiko and Carmen look like they need a good dose of Ex-Lax. They're suffering from constipation.

  9. Seriously, Carmen looks like she is in the horrid fog of dementia. Appeared the same way at Pope audience. But they are in office for life.

  10. Our Lord warns us in Scripture to be careful doing things in public to receive the praises of others, He tells us that those who do these things have already received their reward. And what may that reward be? "The very praises of men." "Vanity of vanities all things are vanity."