Saturday, May 23, 2015


In reference to the picture of the woman and the man frolicking in the Dead Sea while on vacation in Israel, Anonymous tells us:

You just don't understand the community and its Presbyter, Tim. It's family. Why aren't you ok with that? It's your problem.

The woman is Pat Cottman, who along with Pius the Samnut is the other half of the so-called Neocatechumenal Way Responsible Team for Guam. The man is Brother Tony, otherwise known as Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron, Ofm Cap. D.D., Metropolitan Archbishop of Agana. 

The problem is absolutely summarized by the above comment. Apuron is with his his community. He is its presbyter. In fact, he is with his family. And we are perfectly okay with it. 

In fact, we are so okay with it we want Apuron to be with his family full time. We want Apuron to be the presbyter for his community full time. We want Apuron to do what he has already done emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually, and that is to LEAVE the office of the Archbishop of Agana and go be with his "family" full time, since he is already with them "full time" in every other capacity except in the useless space he takes up at the chancery.

But then Apuron would be nothing but a useless fool to Kiko, just another dilapidated aging cleric looking to matter in his last years because he failed to matter in his capacity as a man of the cloth in all his previous. 

So here's Apuron fiddling while his diocese burns. 

He romps and frolics about the world on a perpetual vacation with his kiko-family, while in Guam, divorce, rape, suicide, out of wedlock births, child abuse and almost every other imaginable social ill puts his diocese at the top of almost every national chart, not to mention that 10% of all children in his diocese are put to death in the womb with 60% of those being from his own race.  

And then there's the little matter of the mass exodus from the Catholic Church by Guam Catholics to other churches which have grown in number by 6000% during his episcopate.

Meanwhile, he himself rapes, pillages, steals, demeans, slanders and abuses the priests and people entrusted to his office so he can further ingratiate himself to his "family" so at last he can be "somebody", so at last he can be appreciated the way Anthony S. Apuron has always felt he should be appreciated, so at last he can be fawned over, feted and fanned like the emperor he thinks he is.

So yes, thank you for stating the obvious. Of course we understand that he wants to be with his family. He has long since divorced and abandoned his first family, the family he married when he accepted his appointment as bishop and has been shacking up with yours for twenty years. 

Tell him to get an annulment and get the hell out. But then he'd be nothing to you and no more free trips to Israel. So he stays and sucks us dry while he feeds the fatted calf...or should I say the "golden"one.

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