Tuesday, May 5, 2015


From the usual trash at the Dianas blog:

Do you think that even if patty, Tim and co knew they were wrong they would admit it? I think the poor souls have gone too deep. It is so humiliating to admit that magnitude of their evil that they MUST keep this charade going. All their accusations have been answered but they cannot accept the answer because it would shame them publicly too much. And so they keep digging their hole. Poor things. 

Actually I only have one accusation, and it has been the same accusation for nearly ten years. The NCW celebrates an illicit liturgy, altering the communion rite to reflect Kiko's theology and violating the liturgical books and even their own statute. The accusation remains and has never been answered.

Of course the real reason (I warned you) for the current stream of vile trash that some of you are reading over there (I don't go there) is because of what they know is in "the letter". I'm enjoying watching them squirm and vomit.


  1. LOL. They didn't have any problem with Travis Coffman when he was bashing Msgr. James in defense of the bishop. LOL.

  2. Hit them with the letter already!!