Tuesday, May 5, 2015


John C. Ada Toves "Typhoon"May 4, 2015 at 8:07 PM
Anon 6:08, here is an update. What you heard on the The Buzz was information on a "Victim #2" who had been molested by Archbishop Apuron. His island attorney contacted me with the information and allowed me to release some brief details in hopes of bringing another victim forward. I had two subsequent conversations and two emails from the attorney. The timeline was given to me. I have my phone records and emails for documentation. I have not received further communication as of yet.

Managing Editor from EWTN who I've been in contact with since January (he called me) is working to break the story. He asked if I had a cannon lawyer working on it

I consulted with a cannon lawyer early April who is willing to go through Rome once more but from a different angle. I am beginning my fundraising for his retainer so he can file. I advised EWTN of the lawyer.

I've called the Archbishop prior to every move but unfortunately always seem to get only voicemail. I mentioned that I had thoughts about the dance and other clips but I would like to hear good faith on his part. I'll be happy to provide call logs for this as well.

I've tweeted and Facebooked weekly to the island since January. I guess I need to get a life, - but I know I have my God.

So, Anon 6:08, I intend to remain a thorn in his side. I do finish what I start. That is one of the few things I have in common with Tim who has my deepest gratitude and respect. I am happy to post any update here.

It is already beyond what any individual can do, my friend. It really is now, - What will we ALL do?

Anyone may contact me at johncharlestoves@gmail.com

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