Monday, May 25, 2015


According to this comment, "The Diana" has claimed that I had attempted to make the Dead Sea Frolic photo appear to be recent and what's more, that I had photoshopped in Apuron's and Cottman's faces. Here is my reply:

That's pretty funny, but typical. No, nowhere did I say that this was recent. In fact, if I had intended to position the photo as recent I would not have been dumb enough to post a picture of Apuron with hair. And if it was photoshopped as the idiots claim, then I would have photoshopped more recent heads of Apuron and Cottman.

The picture is just one picture in a whole album of pictures showing Apuron and others (like the Vicar General) romping about the Holy Land with their playmates. In fact, not only did I not have any need to make the pic out to be recent, I in fact wanted to show HOW LONG Apuron has been neglecting his duties as bishop and instead has been whoring around with his mistress, and I don't mean Cottman. 

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