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DianaMay 25, 2015 at 9:44 PM
Dear Anonymous at 6:58 pm,

Tim Rohr already said that the Archbishop is frolicking around the world while the Archdiocese burn, and he publishes a photo at a time when the Archbishop returned from Israel. Why didn't he publish a photo of the Archbishop frolicking in the Philippines? Or Rome? Or even Paris?

I have said many times that Tim Rohr and the Latin Traditional Catholics are fellow Catholics and brothers. The enemy had always been Satan. Unfortunately, all Tim has been doing for almost two years is bashing the Archbishop and the NCW. He never had anything good to say in his blog. It is almost two years since Father Paul and Monsignor James was removed.........and so far, what has he gotten????? Anthony Apuron is STILL the Archbishop. You can complain to Rome with letters and photos all you want, but it has already been almost two years.

First, the misuse of the English language, extremely pedantic grammatical construction, and the usual imbecilic inanities, not to mention "her" previous reference to me as a "plumber", reconfirm my belief in just who exactly "Diana" is. And how sad that we actually pay her salary. But beyond the coward and perverted "Christian" witness that she is, let's have some fun with her little comment.

Latin Traditional Catholic. LOL.

She refers to "Tim Rohr and the Latin Traditional Catholics". LOL. What are those? This is the result of pure KAKA-think (KAKA: Kiko Arguello Kool Aid). Only KAKA-think people divide real Catholics into groups. They do this because they already see themselves as separate and, of course, superior to the rest of us. 

There is no such thing as a Latin Traditional Catholic. There is the Latin Rite. There is Tradition. And there is Catholic. But there is no "Latin Traditional Catholic." If a description is needed, I am a "Latin Rite Catholic", as is most of the Catholic world. The fact that I prefer the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Latin Rite) does not make me a "Traditional Catholic". It makes me a Catholic of the Roman Rite. 

I have also warned those who oppose the Neocatechumenal Way NOT to get trapped into applying the label "traditional" to themselves. They are simply Catholics, Latin Rite Catholics. The Neo's, insofar as they disregard their own statute and view the liturgical books as mere suggestions, are NOT Catholic, and their practices are to be considered ILLICIT. 

Father Paul and Msgr. James

Diana the dingbat says: "It is almost two years since Father Paul and Monsignor James was removed....". Ummm, first Diana, a little English help for you. Since the subject is plural, the verb should be "were", not "was". Here, I'll fix it for you: "It is almost two years since Father Paul and Monsignor James WERE removed..." 

You're welcome. (It's amazing that they let you run a seminary. No wonder we can't understand the fools they put through there.)

Oh, and Diana, it appears that you need a little help with math as well. Msgr. James was removed as rector of the Cathedral on July 26, 2014. It is now May 26, 2015. In two months it will be ONE year since Msgr. James was removed. So we're not even at a year yet. 

And as regards Fr. Paul, we learned from the Apostolic Visitors that Apuron never sent Fr. Paul's case to Rome. Fr. Paul learned this at the meeting he had with them in January, even though Apuron did everything he could to make sure that Fr. Paul would NOT have an opportunity to meet them.

They informed Fr. Paul at the meeting that they had never received his case file from Apuron, making all of Apuron's comments about how we should "just let the canonical process take it's course", and he can do nothing because "it is in Rome's hands", nothing more than the big usual "Apuron Lies" that we are quite used to from him. 

Fr. Paul had to personally hand the visitors the case file during their visit this past January, so that means Rome has only been aware of the case for less than five months. So much for your two years. But then you're probably using a Kiko calendar. 


Diana seems to think that we care about what Rome does. Some of the commenters on this blog may care, but I don't. My aim from the beginning, and it continues to be my aim today, is not for Rome to see the mess that is the Archdiocese of Agana, but for the WORLD to see...to see and be warned.
  • To be warned of the grave evils of Kiko Arugello. 
  • To be warned of what happens when Kiko gets a bishop drunk on KAKA. 
  • To be warned of Kiko's "stealth Arianism" which teaches that Jesus is not equal to the Father, that Jesus Christ "is a sinner".  
  • To be warned of Kiko's evil heresy which teaches total disregard for the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and sets up a parallel and heretical hierarchy.
For this reason, it behooves us to keep Apuron around. While some are anxious to get rid of him, I see him as useful. Nowhere on this planet do we have a better opportunity to make visible to the world the grave evils and heresies of the Neocatechumenal Way as fully manifested in a bishop who has sold his soul to a man in return for a promise that he would be elevated to Cardinal.

At least Judas got thirty pieces of silver. 

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