Monday, June 22, 2015


No wonder he signs his diseased comments as "Joker's Wild." At least in the U Matuna this weekend, he actually signs his real name to more of his diseased commentary. 

In the headline article for the U Matuna (June 21, 2015), Adrian writes:
“The Archbishop met with his pastors…to discuss the preparations of the Jubilee celebrations…and the financial summary of the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal.” (See copy of full article at the end of this post).

Adrian appears to have forgotten the letter he wrote to Fr. Mike Crisostomo (though he had Apuron sign it) in which he stated the reason for the meeting (which included NOTHING about the Jubilee):
"Dear Fr. Mike....The results (of the Appeal) are not favorable…Please meet with me on Wednesday, June 10, at 3:00p.m., at the Chancery Office. We will discuss how the AAA was organized at your parish, what strategies were taken to promote the appeal to the people, and what we can do to mer your parish’s suggested goal." 
However, Adrian did NOT forget. He just thinks that we are all too stupid to notice that he's lying to us. 

Adrian continues (in the U Matuna):
“From July 2014 to May 2015, only 26% of the amount collected for the AAA went to the Redemptoris Mater Seminary….It is false to say that all the monies collected by the AAA goes to the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.”
Really? Then what was this all about? This was the chart given to the pastors in 2014 showing the destination of the AAA several months before the so-called JP2 seminary (which now only houses 2 people and is NOT a seminary) was officially erected. And by the way, Adrian, what do you do with the nearly $30,000 per year the U.S. Navy gives you for the Navy chaplaincy?

Adrian writes:
“Seminarians (at RMS) are trained for ministry in the Church, they are not trained for the Neocatechumenal way as was falsely noted.”
Apparently Adrain is calling those who wrote the RMS Articles of Incorporation liars because here's what they state:

Adrian, you are either stupid beyond belief of you are the Church's most unscrupulous liar. It says right here that the men are prepared "following the life and itinerary of the Neocatechumenal Way", yet you lie to us in a headline article in our own Catholic newspaper and say they are "NOT trained for the Neocatechumenal Way." You so blatantly insult the intelligence of the Catholic faithful and yet you want to be bishop? Well as a matter of fact, if Rome wants to keep Guam an example of failure then you would in fact be candidate No. 1.

Adrian writes:
“But, the priest is also to have solicitude for the missions as well. He may also request of his bishop to be sent to a legitimate mission in another country where there is a need for priests.” 
Precisely! "Legitimate mission in another country where there is a need for priests." So what the hell was Wadeson doing in San Francisco all those years? Another country? LOL! (Oh, BTW, in your list of where certain priests are, you left Wandering Wadeson and Cunnilingus Louie out. Wonder why?)

The truth is that "legitimate mission" in neo-speak is wherever Catholics are still regular Catholics and not yet members of the Neocatechumenal Way. And "Fathers Edwin, Aurelio, Fabio and Jason are on mission in other countries." Really? What countries? Which bishops asked for them? 

How about we send you "on mission" Adrian? Forever! Oh, that's right. No real bishop would have you. 

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