Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "LOOKS LIKE WE'RE GETTING TO ADRIAN":Timothy! Timothy! Timothy!

It took some time for you to draft up your response to my comment. I knew you had to come up with something to draw attention away from the real truth I have. First of all, thank you for allowing my posts because youve allowed FRENCHIE to confirm that all the parties in Menlo really did happen. Secondly, you dragged Father Adrian into this thinking that I am he. NOT! The amount of information I have and I am not even clergy. All these stories have been circulating since ever since. We lay people knew about them even before the Neos came to Guam. How did we know? From all the former seminarians who dont hesitate to share. Speak to any of them, they'll tell you names and details. Personally, I never heard of Father Adrian being involved but I surely did hear about the others. Well respected I'd say. I didnt want to go to the past but since you've been threatening with digging up the past of the the so called neo presbyters, I went there. I thought it'll be a good idea to remind you that everyone has some skeletons in the closet. Some even have some recent corpses rotting away still. No bones showing yet. So again, if you think that the people that you are standing up for have nothing to hide then by all means, go ahead. Now dont say I didnt warn you. Im a lay person, no one important just a regular catholic like you. Im just tired of all this nonsense. More so the pointing of fingers. I accept the imperfections of our local priests and pray for their conversion and this is why I would hate to see you drag them into this. What I have stored up does not need to be shared but if you want to raise standards then lets just go ahead and place those standards on everyone. So to explain my usage of "Jokers Wild" lets just say Im not dumb and what I know may change the entire card hand. Its up to you. Like I said, call the priests up, ask them why they only speak on certain topics and not on others. Ask them, thats if they even want to bother with you. You may want to apologize to Father Adrain for all those insults, very unchristian of you. Maybe the others who have also insulted Father Adrain may want to apologize to him also.
Note to Jon Toves: Easy there on those threats. I am well aware of the archives that you may have, frenchie has confirmed this. However, If you so wish to reveal the truth, be sure to reveal the entire truth, include all the names of the once seminarians and details of those parties, I hear they were wild ones. Erotic at times. Brothers? thats not what they have to say about you. right Timothy? you know, youve been briefed about the typhoon.
-Jokers Wild


LOL. First of all, obviously you are not Adrian. Neither are you the person who wrote the previous comment you refer to. That’s easy to tell because you actually know how to spell and you write quite well. Also, I know that Adrian probably got wind of the news that Rome was going to call on him personally to see if he was the author of the first comment threatening to expose the past sins of our priests. Rome doesn’t take kindly to that kind of thing. Sometimes the old boy network comes in useful, doesn’t it. 

Needing to throw Rome off his feces-strewn trail, he recruited you to suddenly tell us that you are a lay person. LOL. There were plenty of opportunities to identify yourself as such in all the previous “Jokers Wild” comments. But you didn’t because that Jokers Wild was Adrian and you’re not. Adrian, having exposed his nasty slimy self on this blog, suddenly needed a cover when he realized he was going to be called on the carpet. So now there’s you suddenly going on ad nauseum about how you’re not Adrian. 

Second, I did not need time to figure out a response to Adrian’s last Jokers Wild comment threatening his fellow priests. If you’ll notice, other than a one sentence post (NOTE) on Saturday, I took the weekend off. I have relatives on island and I preferred to spend time with them rather than your slimy selves. Adrian is an easy slime ball to deal with. It took me no time at all to come up with a response which was mostly just reposting his comment and letting his very recognizable slime speak for itself. 

Third, you are not Adrian because at least Adrian knows how to spell his own name and you spell it Adrain. Yes, Adrian is A DRAIN. 

Fourth, you are severely mistaken if you think that the people of Guam will suddenly side with Apuron and Adrian just because you have some trash on other priests from thirty years ago, or even three years ago, or even three days ago. You have no idea of the depth of hatred for everything on this island that is kilo-infected. 

So go ahead, post your shit. LOL. I know more about Menlo than you do. I grew up in California and personally suffered from the fall out of the crap that went on there in the 70’s and 80’s. My own pedophile pastor was a product. It’s a credit to the men who survived that and straightened out their lives and chose to persevere in the priesthood despite the horrors of that time and place. 

And this is what Frenchie is referring to. And this is what the good Catholics of Guam will stand up for: men who chose to follow God despite all that could be used against them someday. These priests are not afraid of you or your fecal material. These priests have confidence in  God, in themselves, and the people they serve because of how they have treated and served them since the day they became priests. Apuron and Cristobal are running scared not because of their past but because of their PRESENT, or don’t you get that.

So come one, COWARD. Or should I say, "Sister"?

P.S. Guess you returned from retreat just in time. 

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