Sunday, June 7, 2015


Found posted on the wall of Santa Barbara Church. And yes it is...his fault.

The letter is Apuron's statement about the recent legalization of same-sex marriage on Guam. Of course he didn't write a word of this. 

Much was made recently of Ireland being the most Catholic nation in the world and its recent legalization of same-sex marriage. However, Guam, if considered as a "nation", is more Catholic than Ireland per capita, and is thus the most Catholic nation in the world and, thanks to Apuron, same-sex marriage is now legal here. How does it feel to once again be a world leader archbishop? 

Thirty years of your reign of terror and twenty years of the NCW and we kill a baby a day, lead the world in divorce, lead the nation in suicide, lead the nation in child abuse, lead the nation in rape...and now you are the same-sex marriage bishop. 

Or are you going to blame this on the judge?

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