Monday, June 22, 2015



  • You shouldn't have a problem with a priest from elsewhere involving himself with Guam matters. Last I checked, Father Pius Sammut is not from Guam.
  • Dear Anonymous at 3:26 pm

    First of all, you do not see Father Pius making comments on my blog. And last of all, Father Pius also resides on Guam.....unlike Father Blockley.

  • So funny, Diana. In a blog where even the blogger hides behind a pseudonym, why should we expect Guam's greatest con man to use his name. But of course, he doesn't have to make comments, you do that for him. 

    But thanks for letting us know that Pius "resided on Guam". Ummm, why? Is he incardinated here? NO. What does he do here? Does he work? Does he get paid by us? Who pays for his room and board? Who pays for his many trips? I thought Apuron said we didn't have the money to send Aaron Quitugua to a real seminary. But we have money to harbor this pathetic excuse of a cleric who is an exile from his own order? 

    One day soon all of this ugly cancer will be gone. But then it will be up to the Catholics of Guam not to let it in...ever again!

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