Monday, June 22, 2015


Note to Hoy Father Francis: This is the Guam priest who believes he has the divine right to be Guam's next bishop.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DONT MESS WITH THE WOMEN OF TOTO (or LARRY, YOU'RE...": 

Your Pushing your luck Timothy! Dont say I didnt warn you. 

Do you know about the parties in Menlo? Local Seminarians hosting these parties. Parties at the SF home of one of our own. Ask around. Ask Jon Toves to tell the WHOLE truth. Ask Jon Diaz to tell the WHOLE truth. Im tired of all your HALF truths. Tell Jon Toves to share all the pictures, youd be surprised. Ask around and youd be surprised at the Night Life that is enjoyed in Manila. Ask around and get the names of the escorts/companions in Manila. Reveal all the Names. Who knows you'll probably be the only perfect person left in this Guam Church. Stop acting like the problem lies in Apuron, the NCW or even the RMS for that matter. You need to realize that something so small, so petty is now being blown out of proportion, all because of your need to be in the spot light. Sorry to tell you but thats just how it is. Not once have you failed to mention and remind people of your role and what you had/have to go through to do this. If you are doing this with good intentions, why all the glamour? Calm down and let things take its course. You know for yourself that most of what you have to say does not need to be said and is only fueling the fire. You allow people to comment in your favor and even when they are wrong you fail to correct them. Your latest post empowering the people to take on the fight because our pastors wont. Ask those Pastors why they arent being so vocal? Its not out of fear of retribution from Apuron. Its because they know their imperfections also. They want to move on without the past surfacing. Call them up like I said, Ask them why arent they speaking out? Its gonna be a tell all pretty soon because like you always say, no need to try, the truth always reveals itself. LOL!
-Jokers Wild 

So how dow we know this is Adrian?

 First, because he still hasn't learned the difference between "Your" and "You're" (first word in his comment), which he does consistently and everyone who knows him recognizes it. Second, because he was obviously "there" at all those places he mentions. Third, because only Adrian could be this vindictive, spiteful and, of course, childish. A spoiled little brat.

And a few personal notes. 

Sorry, Adrian. I have no need for the spotlight. What I have a need for is TRUTH, and a need to stand up for it. And in a world of LIARS and COWARDS like you, standing up for TRUTH simply makes me stand out. 

And "glamour"? Really? LOL. So you think receiving threats to me and my family is glamour? You really are sick, Adrian, extremely sick.

And only you would think that the good priests of this island are being silent for fear of retribution from Apuron. NOT. They are being silent because they were told to be by Rome. Weren't you at the meeting? 

And silence because of their past? Only you would think of something like that. Everyone has a past and we positively assume that these priests have confessed their sins like any other. However, here you are threatening to expose the past sins of others. Let this be a warning to anyone who is stupid enough to go to confession to Adrian. 

BTW, next time sign your name "Jackass", you're hardly a "Joker". 

P.S. And about those pictures from John Toves. No worries. I'm not going to post them because none of them are as frightening and ludicrous as this one:

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