Thursday, June 4, 2015


Guam law requires RMS to file an annual report every year to include the names of its current Board of Directors, but RMS has not filed since 2004. I intend to take action against RMS at Rev & Tax, but meanwhile we need the names of the current Board of Directors. If you know who they are, please leave the names in a comment.


  1. The esteemed surgeon. From one.

    1. Dr. Ric Eusebio?

    2. Dr. Ric nutso.

    3. Is this the same Dr. who had a "wifeee" issue?

  2. Redemptoris Mater, Archdiocesan Misionary Seminary of Guam

    Promoting vocations requires adequate institutions where seminarians may be formed in communion with Rome while immersed in the local cultures.
    The Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary, Redemptoris Mater, of the Archdiocese of Agana forms priesthood candidates holistically for the new evangelization in Guam, in the Pacific Region and the entire world. The Catholic Theological Institute for Oceania provides these candidates with their intellectual and theological formation.

    1. Come on, you guys - get to the point! Stop going around in circles! No wonder why your thinking is cloudy as mud!

      Tim is asking if anybody out there knows who the members of the Board of Directors of RMS, would you please let him know. He is not asking you to describe what the mission of RMS is; so why go there? Kabish? Your answer to Tim's post is a classic example of a "non ad rem" reply! Who wants to know the price of fish in Russia?

      But since you've ventured out on thin ice to describe what the RMS does - is "promoting vocations" tantamount to importing guys from Brazil, Italy,Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Columbia, etc.? Is this your definition of building up our native clergy in Guam? Is the NCW RMS here on Guam to evangelize the natives here? Duh! Speak English first (if you can't learn Chamorro), then maybe we can understand you when your prysbeters get up on the pulpit! The "blabbing" they do at the pulpit is a poor excuse for a homily. O my, I'm wasting my time with you. Bye!

    2. Who are they talking about?
      Not in our lifetime.

  3. therein lies the root of all these problems -- all the secrecy, I don't understand what's the big secret, anyone should be able to call them and ask "hey who sits on your board?" yet we have to vet comments to figure out who sits on the board of a seminary that we have poured millions of dollars into. and arch now summons pale mike to discuss the reasons why the AAA collection has tanked?! is there a right answer? i hesitate to say it's a lack of brain power, in fact it's the opposite. a premeditated and deliberative farce. like that letter to father paul discussing lastimoza. but ahh, it's july.

  4. July is when the neo coven comes alive - the phantoms and fairies cavort with the trolls from dead sea and try to determine who goes into the boiling cauldron. Fr. Mike gets his turn in the summer solstice. If anyone dares protect him, bring some aromatic garlic candles and finadene lotion. O Guam, this is your witching hour!

  5. Is THIS the other (bronze) shoe?

  6. tony

    The poem is an expression of how it feels to discover all the lies, remembering the well-applied pressure, and sometimes the fear of living with a……….

    They start with the basic material. Find the right size and shape.

    With the right texture and resistance.

    Then, the adjustments start.

    The first folds, as important as any others to follow,

    carefully considered and made.

    A few more folds.

    Both large and small,

    then turn it around.

    Pressing those folds in firmly, so they take.

    Adjustments made, worked into the piece,

    rather than wrong folds taken back.

    Turn it around.

    Fold by fold, manipulated and pressed into what they want.

    And you don’t know what it is.

    Until they are done.

    That’s when you see the many folds, clearly, in the end result.

    And you are their finest piece of work.

    The methods of a sociopath.

  7. I think they are fr. Pius, fr. Pablo the rector, dr. Ric Eusebio, Sean Leon Guerrero, Danny Santos, and Ed Untalan.

  8. Shouldn't it be stated on the RMS website