Friday, June 5, 2015


* It turns out that some pastors have been padding what they are turning in for the Appeal with money from the parish general fund in order to keep the archbishop off their backs. We have names. In fact, it appears that some were told to do so by the chancery in order to make it look like our call for NO ACCOUNTABILITY, NO MONEY wasn't working. What a scam!

* Apuron (Cristobal, actually) threatened that hospital ministries could be endangered by the low Appeal returns. That's B.S! Apuron gets between $27,000 and $30,000 each year from the Navy just for the services of the Navy Chaplain whose stipend is only $900 per month. The Navy payment is enough to pay for three chaplains. Where's the rest of the money going, Archbishop? Misusing federal money too?

* And re hospital chaplains, what's keeping the archdiocese from negotiating with GMH (and now the new hospital) from negotiating a contract for those services? Laziness?

* Heard that Apuron gets an average of 700 per parish visit. According to the 2013 Archdiocesan Directory, there are 26 parishes. That's $18,200 per year Apuron gets just for the fiesta visit to each parish. That doesn't include each time he shows up for confirmation or other events and he also gets paid to visit the schools. Hey Archbishop, how much of that did you give to your own Appeal?

And what a joke. He's calling in the priests to the problem. LOL. Archbishop, in the words of an astute priest of this diocese: YOU'RE THE PROBLEM!

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