Wednesday, June 24, 2015


A picture of a recent siting of Janet B over Guam
OMG! There is wailing and gnashing of teeth throughout the kiko world, especially at the Chancery. Expect frantic meetings on Wednesday and Thursday. Their poster boy bishop sell out just totally flopped by a world wide poll of “NO CONFIDENCE”!

Before my personal thoughts, I spoke to a neighbor of mine who is a UOG professor and familiar with polling. These are his thoughts:

If it is true that there are only about 500 active members of the NCW on Guam, and considering their demographics and communications network, he would assume that 67% to 75% of them voted on an issue as dear to them as a confidence vote of the Archbishop. (that’s just Tony to you and me) That means that about 350 locals voted for the Totally Confident option. Maybe another 150 or so voted from the general population, as the PDN polls don’t normally get a lot of votes from disinterested parties. So that means that 1500 votes for the Archbishop came from off-island, which is staggering since that is 3 times the confidence level of local voters. Because of the clear polarization of the Archbishop, we can see this displayed by the high numbers of people voting at either extreme. The 417 who voted middle ground are the majority of people who just wanted to vote, but have no specific interest in the issues surrounding the Church.

The “No Confidence” total of 2,687 votes, or 52% of the total votes, is very surprising. While it appears the Jungle Watch blog has quite a diverse following from many countries, statistics show that most of these followers are rather passive. You can safely assume that some foreign votes were cast in this category, but the amount would be rather small since those who oppose the Archbishop are mainly local residents. Foreign voters opposing the Archbishop with a No Confidence vote probably number less than 20%, or about 500 people. Therefore, the locals voicing absolute displeasure with the Archbishop number more than 2000 people. This is a shocking number when compared to the total votes cast.

It is a poll that should be further analyzed to see specific demographics, if such is available. But for certain, those with no confidence in the Archbishop have clearly made their feelings heard.

Now here’s my humble take.

First, it is shocking that the PDN would even dare to go to this length to poll such an issue. I give them credit for finally seeing through the lies and deception, and corruption that they have ignored or overlooked in the past. I hope it is a sign that the media will no longer give Tony a pass with fluff questions just because he is Archbishop. They have finally started to do their job to ask the hard questions.

Second, I am shocked that the PDN closed the poll so early. How bad would the numbers have been if allowed to carry on through the evening when local residents got home. All the stateside and European voters for the kikos had a chance to vote, but many locals missed the chance after dinner and evening TV.

Third, while the UOG pundit did not want to speculate after I asked him, I certainly will. Of the off-island voters, how many were from the Vatican? And how many of those had total confidence, as Tony wants us to believe in his response to the Toto parishioners. And how many secretly voted their conscience for the first and best choice (NO CONFIDENCE!) You can be sure there were many of these from the fearful who know the truth in Rome.

So the real question remains: when will Rome finally get off the fence and make a decision to bring in a true shepherd? We hope this poll prods them in the right direction!

Finally, the PDN is to be commended for finally facing the glaring issue that is ruining the Church on Guam, and the fabric of our culture and society. For too long they have failed to ask the follow on questions when lied to by Tony, Adrian, David the Vicar General and others. It is now time to follow up this poll with a long series of investigative reports on issues the people are gravely concerned with.

1.      Why did Tony give $40 Million of Guam assets to a foreign controlled group?

2.      What is the status of Fr Luis?

3.      Why do we have so many seminarians at RMS and only the need for a few?

4.      Why are local vocations being turned away?

5.      What happened to the statue of our Lady of Guadalupe in Santa Rita?

6.      Where are all the AAA donations really going?

There is a long list of other questions that a good reporter can ask.

Let’s hope they finally start asking the really tough questions. More importantly, let’s hope they stop accepting the lies they have been accepting in the past.

Thank you PDN for your bold survey. Keep it up!

Janet B - Mangilao

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