Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Dear Archbishop,

You now have an opportunity to DO SOMETHING other than have your people write "johnny-come-lately" letters. 

For many years the president of the bank which you do the most business with has been Guam's most outspoken opponent of critical moral teachings of the Catholic Church you profess to lead. 

Here is only a partial list:
  • Has been a proud and public advocate for abortion for over three decades.
  • Recently testified AGAINST legislation that would mandate normal medical care for a child who survives a failed abortion in favor of leaving the child to die.
  • Spoke out publicly AGAINST the passage of Bill 52-31, which mandated that pregnant women, seeking an abortion, be given information on the risks and alternatives to abortion.
  • Was the first president of People for Choice, Guam's first pro-abortion organization. (See Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology.)
  • Famously opposed Guam's 1990 anti-abortion law, Public Law 20-134, and supported the cause to have it struck down.

Up till now, this bank president has supposedly done most of these things only as a private citizen. And while you should still seriously examine doing business with a person so radically committed to the willful and unfettered destruction of unwanted children in the womb (and in the case of children who survive failed abortions - even outside it), something the Church you profess to lead labels "intrinsically evil"... now have an opportunity to hold this bank president's business, and the bank you do the most business with, publicly accountable.

At the public hearing yesterday for a bill demanding the elimination of any recognition of an employee as a male or female, the Pacific Daily News reports:
Therese Obispo, Bank of Guam senior vice president of human resources, testified on behalf of the bank, which supports the bill.
In the recent words of Pope Francis, such legislation does not "recognize (GOD"S) order of creation" and is "an error of the human mind." The pope went on to say: "Seeking to change or dissolve the complementarity between man and woman produces intellectual, social and spiritual darkness."

Archbishop, you are not being asked to write another letter or even to speak out. We are asking you to ACT. 


Enough is enough. What good is it for us to spend so much of our energy and resources fighting the moral evils you supposedly condemn when you insist on giving so much of your business to the person (and now to the financial entity) who most visibly and brazenly opposes you and the moral teaching of our Church? 

Please try to show some leadership. 

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