Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Dear Archbishop,

You now have an opportunity to DO SOMETHING other than have your people write "johnny-come-lately" letters. 

For many years the president of the bank which you do the most business with has been Guam's most outspoken opponent of critical moral teachings of the Catholic Church you profess to lead. 

Here is only a partial list:
  • Has been a proud and public advocate for abortion for over three decades.
  • Recently testified AGAINST legislation that would mandate normal medical care for a child who survives a failed abortion in favor of leaving the child to die.
  • Spoke out publicly AGAINST the passage of Bill 52-31, which mandated that pregnant women, seeking an abortion, be given information on the risks and alternatives to abortion.
  • Was the first president of People for Choice, Guam's first pro-abortion organization. (See Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology.)
  • Famously opposed Guam's 1990 anti-abortion law, Public Law 20-134, and supported the cause to have it struck down.

Up till now, this bank president has supposedly done most of these things only as a private citizen. And while you should still seriously examine doing business with a person so radically committed to the willful and unfettered destruction of unwanted children in the womb (and in the case of children who survive failed abortions - even outside it), something the Church you profess to lead labels "intrinsically evil"... now have an opportunity to hold this bank president's business, and the bank you do the most business with, publicly accountable.

At the public hearing yesterday for a bill demanding the elimination of any recognition of an employee as a male or female, the Pacific Daily News reports:
Therese Obispo, Bank of Guam senior vice president of human resources, testified on behalf of the bank, which supports the bill.
In the recent words of Pope Francis, such legislation does not "recognize (GOD"S) order of creation" and is "an error of the human mind." The pope went on to say: "Seeking to change or dissolve the complementarity between man and woman produces intellectual, social and spiritual darkness."

Archbishop, you are not being asked to write another letter or even to speak out. We are asking you to ACT. 


Enough is enough. What good is it for us to spend so much of our energy and resources fighting the moral evils you supposedly condemn when you insist on giving so much of your business to the person (and now to the financial entity) who most visibly and brazenly opposes you and the moral teaching of our Church? 

Please try to show some leadership. 


  1. He won't even consider it or entertain it. Many in the top tier management/shareholders are in the NCW. MariFlor LG, her kids, Steven LG to name a few. The NCW doesn't care about the same issues the test of the church cares or believes in. I am confident MariFlor has publically told the sins (in scrutiny) of her late husband and the rest of the LG family.

    1. I believe you meant Shawn LG But yes, wasn't that MariFlor who was lecturing the CCOG about not caring about the moral issues of our island in the PDN a couple of weeks ago? Yet she is part of the Guam's biggest abortion supporting enterprise.

  2. That's a sweetheart relationship, Tim. You are ice cold.

  3. Janet B - MangilaoJune 24, 2015 at 9:40 AM

    I'm a rather old school gal, and sometimes these acronyms people use confuse me. A grandson recently laughed at me because I didn't know what LOL meant. I begged him to tell me, and he only laughed all the more.
    So I made my own acronym out of LOL
    Describes Tony perfectly.

  4. Silence from AAA has encouraged the introduction of Legislation that destroys the moral fabric of the island. AAA you have the most powerful role on Guam. You have loyal Catholics that if made aware could be used as a powerful weapon against proposed legislation that weakens the moral fabric. You have a large bull horn that is available every week at 27 locations. In some of these locations you have two or more masses. This important tool has been largely dormant for the 30 years you have been in office. Rome, I know you monitor this blog. Please make sure that the Shepperd that will replace the soon to retire Archbishop Apuron use his influence to defend life and insure that harmful legislation are met with strong opposition.

    1. He couldn't even ask his Neo community to lead this fight because, first he is just a member and second, as revealed here, they couldn't even ask their members to toe the line and be one with the opposition of the Church against these intrinsic evil.

    2. What do we expect, he doesn't even try to defend himself, but again how do you defend yourself against the truth. So sad, so irritating. bye bye Tony.

  5. Can anyone suggest a bank on Guam that adheres to Catholic and basic Christian ethics and morality (as Jesus taught)? We should all move our accounts out of BOG.

    1. No. Most banks don't get involved in that kind of thing and try to ensure that their people, at least their upper management, don't get publicly involved in divisive issues. Bad for business. However, Lou Leon Guerrero is a different story. Her family owns the bank and apparently she feels all powerful in doing whatever she wants. So far, that's exactly what she has done. We can be sure Apuron is too cowardly to withdraw his (our) business from her bank, but serious Catholics should take their business elsewhere - at least to a bank that doesn't have a president who advocates for the destruction of living children who survive abortion. And everyone should demand that their parishes and schools do the same. ZERO BUSINESS for Guam's Number One Abortion Advocate. STOP THE MONEY.

  6. Fr. Matthew BlockleyJune 24, 2015 at 10:58 AM

    There is no leadership by tony. This is why the entire region is in such moral decay the church needs a new spiritual shepherd . He has led the church into such moral decay it cannot heal while he remains. He has led Guam and the western pacific into the sin of dispair. Why? Because he killed the faith and the hope of faithful loyal Catholics. There can be no healing while he remains.

    1. Well said, Blockley. He has killed faith and hope. He has done this with his secret cult which is said to animate faith.


  7. aaa most hated reviled bishop in the America's. Seminarians priests pretend to respect deep down we hate him. He has done things we cannot say. He is a evil evil individual

    1. I have published this comment so I can comment on it. It is comments like this that do not help our cause. You say he has done things you cannot say. Understand that "not saying" is the problem. Your keeping quiet enables even more wrongs. If you know of something that is "evil" as you say then you have a duty to report it either to civil authorities or to church authorities. Otherwise you may be yourself be participating in that evil by not doing what you can to end it. Future comments without names will not be published.

  8. FYI: Lou Leon Guerrero was a nurse (her profession) before she became a senator and the President of Bank of Guam. As a nurse, I believe it is their duty to care for the sick, the dying and the unborn. I guess, when you become the President of the largest local bank, your priorities change.

    1. She was an abortion advocate from the beginning, even as a nurse.

  9. Epithet

    anthony sablan apuron stared gloomily at the towering mass of the cathedral basilica bell tower he thought of the men he had commanded in years past and compared them with these outside – a pack of delinquent degenerate misfits….

    How had he got into this, anyway? Why couldn’t a man know when he took a turning where it would lead him? It seemed so simple in the beginning, the new catholic way (ncw)…

    Wealth – he had always wanted wealth, the money to pay his way in the circles where he wanted to travel, but somehow it had always eluded him, and this had seemed a wonderful chance….

    Bitterly he stared at the bell tower and remembered the first time pius, and pat, presented their scheme to destroy the church and swindle Guam…...

    In the beginning it hadn’t seemed that way, his own commanding presence, his priestly stride, his cold clarity of thought, all these left him despising pius as a mere man and pat as a conniving…..

  10. You are right Frankie,
    while the NCW is in itself a scam to deceive the faithful, it is also a money laundering machine.
    In fact this is where they get their power from. (buying the silence, and/or the complicity of people in power in our Church)
    In order to be able to survive, they need to convince some lost souls (the canon fodder), but most importantly they need the cooperation of corrupted leaders.
    Why church leaders become corrupted? In many cases it is because like all of us they are not perfect, they have flaws.
    In Apuron's case the flaws are named power hungriness, pursuit of wealth, delusion, and most importantly not believing in the devil.
    Pope Francis this year has warned us several time, that when you fail to recognized the presence of evil, you then open your heart to his whispers and temptations.
    Believing in God is good, but turning a blind eye to Satan and his legions of fallen angels is a grave mistake.
    By allowing for a while at least, as believers, to not recognize the evil from Pius and his legion of fallen angels, we have facilitated the consolidating of power of Anthony Sablon Apuron, and with it, the spreading of a false teaching on our island and in our Church.
    It is because we have allowed it in the past, that evil was able to spread its wings here.
    Anthony, and his minions, Genarinni and Pius have been able to grow and fester, until now.
    We have since the removal of Fr Paul and Msgr James awaken to the reality of this evil, to its ugliness and to the damage it has caused.
    Thanks to all the brave souls, who refused to go silentely into the night, the veil of deceit, lies and evilness continues to be lifted.
    Take heart, do not despair, Christ will help those who help themselves.
    Pray, and fight every day, every hour against this evil and its representatives, it is our duty as Catholics to do so.

  11. Thanks! Gotta catch my mom before she heads out to apply for a loan......U-Turn Mom.